Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Name Post

Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. followers! I wasn't sure what route I was going to go today when the lightbulb went off in my head. I should do a huge ultimate name post! Collect all of the names that can be associated with Thanksgiving for you guys. So one thing lead to another and below you have 193 Thanksgiving inspired names. I'd say there is a name for everyone!


Esti- Sweet, Honey; Basque
Melora- A type of apple
Crispin- A type of apple
Avalon- A type of apple
Cortland- A type of apple
Almila- A type of apple
Pmeroy- A type of apple
Pomeline- A type of apple
Gala- A type of apple
Alice- A type of apple
Opal- A type of apple
Rome- A type of apple
Kiku- A type of apple
Yates- A type of apple
Evelina- A type of apple
Smith- A type of apple
Mollie- A type of apple
Jubilee- A type of apple
Bramley- A type of apple
Melrose- A type of apple
Jona- A type of apple
Ambrosia- A type of apple
Sonya- A type of apple
Cameo- A type of apple
Paula- A type of apple
Kanzi- A type of apple
Lilibet- A type of apple 
Mai- Plum, Apricot; Vietnamese
Prunella- Plum; English
Umeko- Apricot, Plum; Japanese
Masefield- Corn Field 
Maize- Corn
Arista- Ear of Corn; Latin
Berry- Cranberry
Kasha- A grain
Pipra- Peppery; Esperanto 
Zia- Grain
Dagon- Grain; Ugaritic
Gera- A Grain; Hebrew
Grainne- Grain; Irish
Javor- Maple Tree
Kaede- Maple; Japanese
Pomona- Fruit Tree; Latin
Ephraim- Fruitful; Hebrew

Merci- Thank You; French
Grazie- Thank You; Italian
Asante- Thank You; Swahili
Gracias- Thank You; Spanish
Amal- Hope, Aspiration; Arabic
Arman- Wies, Hope; Persian
Asha- Wise, Desire, Hope; Sanskrit
Esperanza- To Hope; Spanish
Imeda- Hope; Georgian
Nada- Hope; South Slavic
Raja- Hope; Arabic
Tikva- Hope; Hebrew
Toivo- Hope; Finnish
Amara-  Garce; Igbo
Armo- God's Grace; Finihs
Esmond- Grace Protection; English
Gratia- Grace; Latin
Hannah- Grace; Hebrew
Fidel- Faithful; Spanish
Fido- I am faithful; Latin
Iman- Faith; Arabic
Imani- Faith; Swahili
Vera- Faith; Russian
Benedict- Blessed
Asher- Happy, Blessed; Hebrew
Ayman- Blessed, Lucky; Arabic
Beata- Blessed; Latin
Carwyn- Blessed Love; Welsh
Helge- Holy, Blessed; Norse
Kidist- Blessed; Amharic
Svatava- Blessed, Holy; Czech
Svyatoslav- Blessed, Holy, Glory; Russian
Tegwen- Fair Blessed; Welsh
Jadon- Thankful; Hebrew
Carys- Love
Ahava- Love; Hebrew
Aimi- Love, Affection; Japanese
Amadeus- Love of God, To Love; Roman
Amanda- Lovable; Latin
Amandus- Lovable; Roman
Carita- Dearness, Esteem, Love; LAtin
Ceri- To LVoe; Welsh
Charity- Generous Love; Latin
Cinta- Love; Indonesian
Eros- Love; Greek
Keresna- Love; Cornish
Liba- Love; Yiddish
Minna- Love; German
Nayeli- I Love You; Zapotec
Noa- Love Affection; Japanese
Rudo- Love; Shona
Sevda- Love; Turkish, Azerbaijani
Ekene- Paise, Thanks; Igbo
Odelia- I will thank Yahweh; Hebrew
Shukri- Thanking; Arabic
Tatenda- Thank You; Shona
Temitope- Enough to Give Thanks; Yoruba
Boone- Good

Woody- 1988 Pardoned Turkey 
Charlie- 1987 Pardoned Turkey
Harry- 1999 Pardoned Turkey
Jerry- 2000 Pardoned Turkey
Liberty- 2001 and 2011 Pardoned Turkey
Katie- 2002 Pardoned Turkey
Abe- 2015 Pardoned Turkey
Reggie- From Free Birds
Jake- From Free Birds
Franklin- From Animal Crossing

Macy- For the Macy's Day parade 
Abraham- Announced the first official Thanksgiving 
Lincoln- Announced the first official Thanksgiving
Josepha- Sarah Josepha Hale campaigned to make Thanksgiving a national holiday 
Miller- One who Grinds Grain 
Palmer- Pilgrim
Palmiro- Pilgrim; Italian 
Beatrix- Voyager, Traveller; Latin
Beatrice- Voyager, Traveller; Italian
Pippin- Traveller; English
Saira- Traveller; Arabic
Samoset- Said to be one of the Native American's at the first Thanksgiving
Khasmisi- Born on Thursday; Swahili
Jora- Autumn Rain
Hazan- Autumn; Turksih
Demetrius- Goddess of corn and harvest
Annona- Roman Goddess of grain 
Ceres- Goddess of grain 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Recent Celebrity Baby Birth Announcements

I have noticed that there have been some great celebrity birth announcements recently and I just had to share my favorites!

"Atlas Noa, In my 32 years of life I thought I had seen a lot of places, experienced a lot of things, met a lot of people and felt love...then came you," -Shay Mitchell 

Daughter of Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel
The perfect name for traveler Shay. Although I prefer Atlas on a boy (its my #1 boy name) I think the meaning is sweet and beautiful. 

"Our beautiful little miracle"- Josiah and Lauren

Daughter to Josiah and Lauren Duggar
Sister to Brother in heaven Asa
The name means beautiful miracle a perfect name for a rainbow baby. They lost their first baby, Asa, in October 2018.

Daughter of Kane and Katelyn Brown
Mom and dad kept with the K theme for their first baby a girl. They went with something both different and unisex.

"Named after the most incredible person I know... her daddy"- Shawn Johnson

Daughter of Shawn Johnson and Andrew East
I could die at the reason her name is Drew! Add in the fact that it is a unisex name that is more masculine like her mom and its just amazing.

Daughter of Allison Holker and tWitch
Sister of Weslie (girl) and Maddox
Zaia just fits this couple and this family so nicely. I enjoy the edgy Z like her brother Maddox with his edgy X. At the same time she has the soft ending like Weslie.

Son of Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef
Brother to Valentino, Matteo, and Lucia
I may be biased but it always excites me to see a baby named Ren or Renn. Compared to the sibling names Renn is a little surprising.

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Today my little sister turns 19 and what better name to feature than her name! She is named Shannon and if you couldn't tell we are Irish. Out of the 3 of us I would say that she has the most unique name. In 2000, when she was born he name was at #152. The name has some fun history and if I am being honest I am kind of jealous of her!

Meaning and History
The name comes from the longest river in Ireland called River Shannon. It's Irish name is Abha an tSionainn. Some sources associate the river with the goddess Sionann. Legend has it she went to a well seeking wisdom after being warned against it and the well swelled her up drowning her. The stories can be flipped around and some believe the goddess was named after the river and the name comes from the Irish sen meaning old, ancient.

There are 7 rivers of knowledge that flow from Connla's Well. Connla's Well is the well of wisdom of the Celtic underworld. Legends say that there are 9 scared trees around the well that drop red fruit. You can gain wisdom by eating the fruit or the salmon in the waters.

The name can mean little wise one, a play on the goddess seeking wisdom. I have read that Shannon can derive from the name Sionna meaning possessor of wisdom. The general theme of the name is centered around having wisdom.

Shannon, as a girls name, first came onto the top 1000 charts in 1937 at #939. It didn't become super popular until the 1970s with 1976 being its most popular year at #17. You could find the name in the top 50 from 1969 until 1987.  In 2014 the name dropped off the charts and hasn't been back since. When the 2018 charts were released only 148 baby girls.

As for boys the name came onto the top 1000 in 1938 at #991. The name never ranked above #94 for any year. Surprisingly the 1970s were Shannon as a boy names most popular years. just like for girls. Unlike the girls, boy Shannons fell off the charts after 2006. 2018 gave us 67 new baby boys with the names.

Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars is actually named Shannon Ashley! How cool is the nickname Shay for Shannon. The name Shannon Mitchell is also the name of a fictional character in ER.

Reality tv star Shannon Beador can be found on real Housewives of Orange Country. Then you have Shannon Lee Miller an American olympic gymnast in the 1990s.

It you want tog go down he science route you can name your daughter Shannon after Shannon Matilda Wells Lucid, an American biochemist and retired NASA astronaut. She once held the record for the longest stay in space.

Name Combo Suggestions 
Shannon Elise
Shannon Margerite 
Shannon Rosalie
Shannon Noelle
Shannon Lou

Lorelei Shannon
Avery Shannon
Eve Shannon
Juliette Shannon
Penelope Shannon 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

8 Great Mountain Names

Am I the only one who sees fall as all the nature things? Like it is my time to hike and go into the woods. Leaves changing colors and falling. Deer and chipmunks. Now, I'll hike any time of the year but fall just intensifies my souls need for the forest. We are coming up on the end of fall here in Pennsylvania. It was very short lived as snow is in the forecast. Mountains are one of the main places you can go hiking. I feel like mountains are the connecting factor between fall and winter. You have the trees with falling leaves but also the snow mountain tops. I'm easing my way into winter with this fun mountain post!

Everest- Tallest Mountain, Everett's Son; German  
A name that's been around since 1865 when the mountain was given its official English name. In recent times it has been seen as a modern take on Everett. Everest is not ranked yet for the top 1000 names of U.S. but Everett is in the top 100. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on earth with its snowy caps and record settings. 

Rocky- Rest; Italian 
Rocky is often associated with the fictional boxer from Philadelphia but it has some more nature like associations. Theres just rocks in general and then there's the Rocky Mountains that spam across Canada and the United States. My favorite way to use Rocky as a name? A nickname for Peter, which means rock! 

Rainier- Advice Army; French 
Washington state is home to Mount Rainier, which is actually a volcano. The name is not only a nature name but can also be found in European royalty. Prince Rainier III was the prince of Monaco from 1949 to 2015. I think Rain is a kick ass name for a boy! 

Olympus- From Mount Olympus; Greek 
Greece's highest mountain range is Mount Olympus. It is the home of the Greek gods. The name encompasses all he Greek god names so if you want to use more than one Greek god name this is the name for you! Make the name more modern with the nickname Ollie. 

Elbert- Bright and Noble; Dutch 
Elbert is a great alternative for Albert. Eli would make a nice modern nickname. or you can go old school chi with Bert. Mount Elbert is the highest peak in the North American part of the Rocky mountains. Its located in Colorado and the state's highest point. 

Sierra- Mountain Range; Spanish 
Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the western United States. Parents started borrowing the mountain's name back in the 1970s and it became most popular in the 1990s. Since then it has been on a downward slope of popularity but as of 2018 still sits in the top 500. With its western originates the name can be seen as a cowgirl desert name. 

Shasta- White and Pure Mountain; Native American, A Teacher; Sanskrit
Shasta is a nice edgy alternative to Sasha. Mount Shasta is a potentially active volcano in California. Native American tribes saw the mountain range as a scared place and would have probably used it for rituals. You may see the name floating around grocery stores on soda cans. Look them up they have some pretty cool flavors! 

Logan- Little Hollow; Irish
Mount Logan is located in Canada and the countries highest peak. The name is unisex but is much more popular for boys. It ranks at #10 for 2018 and only #309 for girls. In its native country of Scotland the name is uber popular. The name started as a surname before working its way to the other side. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Boy Virtue Names

Virtue names are a trend popular among baby girls. You have Faith, Hope, and Grace all in the top 300 in the SSA name charts. But when it comes to boy names it is hard find some good names or really any at all. Since we are in November and the season of virtue names I thought this list would only be fitting. I complied a list of some great virtue names for boys below. Tell me which ones I missed!

Prosper- In France, Prosper is fairly popular and was once used often in Puritan times. A little boy Prosper is destined to succeed.

Able- Swap around the spieling of the biblical name Abel and you have a virtue name. It enplanes a little boy who is able to do anything.

Earnest- To be earnest is to be serious and sincere about something. Ernest is the alternative spelling to Earnest and by removing the a you get a virtue name.

Worth- With a name like Worth, a little boy would be able to see his worth in this world. The name brings to mind Wentworth Miller.

Bravery- I have come across a few babies brewing the middle name Bravery and let me just tell you it is the best surprise. The name brings to mind a picture of strength and patriotism.

Clement- If Mercy is too much for you Clement is another option with the same meaning. Clement was bestowed onto 13 popes over time and countless saints. It has history!

Lucky- Luck is amazing to have. Many people may think the name is only useful for a dog but I think having Lucky in the middle name spot is to die for!

Justice- The word spelling of the name is Justice but you may also spell if Justus keeping the same meaning. A nice alternative to Justin. Besides is virtue meaning it also brings to mind a judge (bringing justice).

Concord- Concord is being in harmony with people. There is nothing better than being in agreement with people living in a world were you can love someone no matter what they look like.

Valor- To have great courage is to have Valor. A name that fits perfectly with other boy names ending in the -er sound of modern times.

Wisdom- I firmly believe that you can obtain wisdom in a number of ways. Everyone can have wisdom of some sort. Nickname Wise and man you have a great name!

Wit- I adore Wit, especially as a nickname for Walter, Whittaker, and Wyatt. Wit as a word is to have clever intelligence. As a name it means to be alive.

Soul- I love to say it is well with my soul. One's mind, will, and emotions joined together is someone's soul. Soul is the all encompassing being of a person.

Knightly- If you want a name the encompasses a wide range of virtue names Knightly is the perfect name. To be a knight is to be brave, loyal, noble, equal and so much more.

Trust- Trust is something that is gained and not just given. When you lose trust it can be hard to get back but to have Trust in someone is invaluable. Trust is like the less common True of the naming world.

Pride- I hope everyone experiences Pride at some point in there lives. There is no better feeling than to have Pride in something.

Meek- To be meek is to be gentle and quiet. I read a quote that I had to share "Meakness is not weakness. It is courage under control." It is ok to be Meek. The name is short and has that short sound at the end.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Twin Names: Same Initial {Girls}

Naming twins can be hard and when it comes to twin names there are some strong sides. Some people thinks that twins should have completely different names. While others believe that twins should have similar names in sound, letter, or theme. For those of you who say twins should have matching initials I have a whole list of twin girl names. I tried to pair names that go together but don't have super similar sounds. What are your favorite ones?

Arielle and Addelyn 
Bellamy and Britta
Capri and Calla
Daisy and Dolly
Eleanor and Etta
Felicity and Freya 
Gloria and Georgina 
Hazel and Honora 
Iris and Imogen 
Juliet and Jana 
Kaia and Keturah
Lavender and Lorelei 
Mavis and Myla
Naomi and Neva 
Octavia and Odessa
Pippa and Phoebe 
Quinley and Qiana
Romy and Rosalie 
Scarlett and Sylvia 
Tova and Temperance 
Una and Ursula
Vada and Viola 
Winifred and Willodean
Xena and Xavia
Yasmin and Yelena
Zelie and Zipporah

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Prestigious Names

When you hear the word prestigious what do you think? I think of an upper east side banker or a designer clothes wearing stay at home mom. I was browsing on instagram on day and came across the name Wescott. Then I saw Sinclair and was like wow those names were so prestigious. Thus the list started! I collected a few names I find prestigious and decided to turn them into a blog post.

Wescott- West Cottage; English
If you want a more unique alternative to Wesley and Weston, Wescott is the way to go. You have two spelling to pick from Wescott and Westcott. I personally like the name without the extra T. I find names ending in -ott cool and different. Other options include Abbott, Eliott, and Talbot.

Belmont- Beautiful mountain; French
As if I didn't already adore this name I found out the meaning. There is just something about an unexpected nature meaning like that. I immediately picture snowy covered mountains in Utah, a peaceful scene. A similar name you may like more than Belmont is Beaumont.

Salinger- Saint Leger; French
This literary honor names should be used so much more! J.D. Salinger wrote the classic, The Catcher in the Rye. Salinger is a nice surname fitting in with other -er surname turned first names. I adore Sal as a nickname. If Salinger is too out there why not try Holden or Atticus.

Crosby- Village with Crosses; Irish
I love myself some Irish surnames! Bing Crosby is a vintage actor and musician most famous for his "White Christmas". In modern times you have Sidney Crosby, a Canadian ice hockey player currently playing on Pittsburgh Penguins. I have to point out I am a Philly girl and my city is not a fan of the Penguins. Surnames and -y ending surnames are all the rage and throughout the top 1000 names. Crosby ranks in the 600s for 2018 and may just move up the charts.

Yates- Gatekeeper; English
Yates is a preppy surname you can find on many famous and historical personnel throughout history. With very few Y names in the universe, Yates makes a family pick. You get a unique name that people will have no problem saying or spelling. I will always throw out the name Gates, a similar name to Yates and perfect for a prestigious young boy.

Davy- Diminutive of David(Beloved); English
Davy comes from the name David used throughout time primarily on boys. The most familiar association with dove is Davy Jones' locker, a folktale about dead sailors and shipwrecks. The name works wonders on its own but can also be a nickname for Davina and Davis. Davis is a great prestigious name as well!

Sinclair- Saint Clair; English
Sinclair is an English surname used for both genders. I personally enjoy the name on girls most likely due to the Clair aspect of the name. Claire is much more popular and classic while Sinclair is exotic and unusual. The name makes a nice alternative to the classic name while still seeming like the proper girl.

Bronwyn- White, Fair, Blessed Breast; Welsh
In Wales the feminine spelling of the name is Bronwen, where as the -wyn is the masculine version. In America parents like to use y's to make names more feminine. Bronwyn isn't very common in the U.S. only being given to 63 babies in 2018. It fits with the tons of Br- names in the top 1000 like Brooklyn, Brielle, and Brianna just to name a few.

Cricket started out as a nickname for Chris- names such as Christine and was used all the way back in 2013 by Busy Philipps for her daughter. It is virtually unheard of as a name and often times if you do meet a Cricket is just a nickname. Animal names are gaining popularity and Cricket can fall into the category. It also doubles as a sports name. And I can't talk about Cricket without mentioning Jiminy Cricket from Disney's Pinocchio.

Sterling- Excellent, Little Star; English
To me prestigious names for girls usually include surnames and more masculine names. Sterling is a name used more often on boys, currently ranking at #406 and not at all for girls. In Britain sterling is associated with money and currency. Across the pond, I more times than not associate the name with the metal sterling silver. The name is said to possibly come from the starling bird.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Twin Names: Same Initial {Boys}

I know there are many parents out there who want to know their twins with the same initial and that is ok! Just like its ok to name kids with the same first letter. Below I have boy names that start with the same first initial but I tried to pick names that don't sound too similar together.

Alaric and Asher
Bennet and Bodhi
Callum and Connor
Dalton and Derrick 
Ellis and Ewan
Fisher and Florian 
Grady and Gallagher
Henry and Holden 
Ian and Issac 
Julian and Jacob
Kyson and Keller 
Lawson and Luca
Miles and Matteo
Noam and Nikolai 
Otis and Ozzy
Phillip and Patrick
Quest and Qiumby 
Rocco and Rufus
Shephard and Sullivan
Thatcher and Truman
Ulysses and Umberto
Victor and Vaughn
Winston and Willoughby
Xavier and Xylon
Yates and Yule
Zepplin and Zoro 


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