Monday, July 14, 2014

Name of the Week: Soleil




Middle Names 
Soleil Elliott
Soleil Ariel
Soleil Evangeline 
Soleil Cornelia 
Soleil Adele
Soleil Arianna
Soleil Coralie
Soleil Brielle
Soleil Alexandra
Soleil Maleah

First Names
Kate Soleil
Carys Soleil
Avia Soleil
Magnolia Soleil
Elodie Soleil
Penelope Soleil
Imogen Soleil
Myla Soleil
Vivienne Soleil
Junia Soleil


Famous People Named Soleil
Soleil Moon Faye

My Thoughts
Soleil is such a pretty name. When I hear Soleil I think of a little Indian girl just enjoying life. It brings a lot of happy and great feelings to me. Besides being pretty, Soleil is very fresh and unique. I also like that Soleil is a nature name without being right in your faces nature-y. 

Reason Its Name of the Week
I have feel deeply in love with Soleil. I am contemplating adding it to my top 10 names. 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Name Instagram

I just want to inform all of my readers that I now have a name insatgram! The idea has been on my mind for a long time now and I finally acted on it. In the last few weeks I have been working on getting everything ready so I would be able to keep up with it when I get busy.

The name is Abundance of Names. Here's the link: Follow and like for name pictures everyday. If you don't have instagram I am also adding the pictures to pinterest on this board.


Friday, July 11, 2014

"Rare" M Girl Names Part 2

I haven't done a "rare" name post in a few months. One of the reasons is they take a lot of time and effort to write them up. I hope you like this post.


  • Meaning: Mighty in Battle 
  • Origin: German 
  • Siblings: Adelaide and Leopoldo
I love the name Matilda. My favorite movie of all time is Matilda and that may have something to do with it. Its a really sweet name with cute nicknames. If I had to pick one nickname for Matilda it would be Tilly.  

Mattea (mah-TAY-uh)

  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Origin: Hebrew 
  • Siblings: Rafaela and Enzo
Mattea is such a strong name but it reminds me of Matteo too much. I knew two Matteos so that could be the reason. I like how simpler it is to Madison and Madeleine but is also different. 


  • Meaning: Powerful Battler
  • Origin: German and English 
  • Siblings: Olive and August
I'm not a huge fan of Maude. The sound of it is not very pleasant sounding. To me it sounds more like a word than a name or something you wold name your little girl. 


  • Meaning: Dark Skinned
  • Origin: Latin
  • Siblings: Bridget and Rory
I love the name Maura. Its different but sounds so beautiful. It sounds fresh and clean. If you would like to honor a Laura you could always use Maura. There are a few different ways to pronounce the name Maura. I like the pronunciation Mare-uh but you may also say more-uh. 


  • Meaning: Variant of Mary (Hebrew, Bitter)
  • Origin: Irish 
  • Siblings: Kathleen and Roger
Maureen is such a pretty name. I really like this name because it is a nice sound that you don't hear very often. I do have a second cousin named Maureen who goes by Moe. Mo/Moe is such a cute nickname for a little girl. 

Meaning: Latin
Origin: Greatest
Siblings: Lorraine and Doyle
You hear Max a lot on a boy but not very often on a girl. Maxine can give you that Max nickname, which I think would be cute and unexpected. I can't really picture Maxine on a little baby but I can picture it on a girl or adult.


  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Origin: Greek
  • Siblings: Belle and Theo
I like May. It's short and sweet. I think the Mae spelling is nicer. It looks a lot fresher and more girly. You can use May as a nickname for Maybelle, Mayra. Mayla, or Mabel. If you want to honor someone who was born in May this is a great way. 

Mehitabel (meh-HIT-uh-behl)

  • Meaning: God Makes Happy
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Siblings: Leocadia and Algernon
Before doing this series I had never heard of Mehitabel. It's definitely different. It sounds pretty but I'm not sure how much I like the spelling. The first thing I think about when I hear Mehitabel is how it has the same Belle ending as the popular name Isabelle. Maybe it the word hit wasn't int eh name it would become more popular. 

Melia (meh-LEE-uh, MEE-lee-uh)

  • Meaning: Ash Tree 
  • Origin: Greek 
  • Siblings: Calla and Aris
Melia is another really pretty name. I like the meh-LEE-uh pronunciation. The name Leah is really popular and Melia is such a nice alternative. Melly is a cute nickname for Melia. It's a very rich name also.


  • Meaning: Sweet
  • Origin: Latin
  • Siblings: Rochelle and Brent
Melinda is a dated name that I can see making a come back. It's very pretty sounding. Lindy is more of a modern name and you can always use Lindy as a nickname. I like that you wouldn't expect to se the name Melinda on a young child. It gives the name a little thrill. 

Melisande (MEH-li-sahnd)

  • Meaning: Form of Millicent 
  • Origin: French
  • Siblings: Evangeline and Peregrine 
Melisande is such a beautiful name! It looks and sounds so pretty. I like how you can honor a Melissa or Melanie. My only real concern with Melisande is that its too big and grand for a little girl. I mean she could grow into it or just use a nickname. 


  • Meaning: Wages, Rewards
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Joy and Judah
I love the name Mercy! Many virtue names are being used now such as Faith, and Hope. I think Mercy would be a great alternative to the popular names. It works as both a first name and a middle name. Mercy is a lovely quality to have. 


  • Meaning: Cheerful
  • Origin: English
  • Siblings: Cinda and Garry
The first thing I think about when I see the name Merry is Christmas. I don't exactly see Merry as a name for a little girl. I would much prefer is spelled Meri or Merri if it was going to be used. 


  • Meaning: Gentle Strength 
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Gladys and Wilbur
Mildred is one of those old lady names that I feel will never come back to style like many other names. It just sounds extremely dated and it also doesn't sound very pleasant. The only way I would be ok with this name is if the nickname Milly was used. 


  • Meaning: Strong in Work
  • Origin: German 
  • Siblings: Winifred and Ernest
Just like Mildred, Millicent is an old lady name that is not going to come back into style. I would be extremely surprised if it did. I do think it is a little nicer than Mildred but not much. Milly is a cute nickname though. And now that I think about it I feel like a little girl would be made fun of if she was named Millicent. 


  • Meaning: Diminutive of Maria 
  • Origin: Italian 
  • Siblings: Kiki and Rico
I love the nickname Mimi! It's so cute and girly. Now I don't think it ages well but if its used with a nice full name it would be ok. I like the names Mila, Amelia, and Camilla as full names for the nickname Mimi. 


  • Meaning: Diminutive of Melinda 
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Traci and Dusty
Mindy is a nice, surprising nickname but at the same time it is a little dated. You really don't hear many little girls named Mindy anymore. I don't love Mindy but I don't hate it either. It's just a name that its ok. 

Minerva (mi-NER-vuh)

  • Meaning: The mind 
  • Origin: Latin
  • Siblings: Althea and Hermes
Minerva is such a gorgeous name! I love it. Minerva sounds like a grand, princess name. I think the nickname Mimi would be really cute. Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, skill, and invention in Roman mythology. I'm not into mythology much but i find that to be a great association for a child. 


  • Meaning: Misty
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Fawn and Dirk
Misty is a really cute nickname for something like Melissa but I don't really like it on it's own. I know that Misty was a little popular back in the 70's but I feel like it could come back. Now, I do picture this one someone in there 30's or so. 

Muriel (MYOO-ree-sl) 

  • Meaning: Bright as the Sea
  • Origin: Irish 
  • Siblings: Sybil and Wallace
When I look at this name I have trouble pronouncing it but after I hear the pronunciation I am able to say it with no problems. If you remember the show Suite Life of Zack and Cody, than you'll remember the housekeeper named Muriel. I can not see this name on a little baby at all. It's too old-fashioned to me. It sounds nice on a little old lady but not on a young child. 


  • Meaning: Myrrh 
  • Origin: Greek
  • Siblings: Lorna and Hal
I like Myra because it isn't something you hear very often but it isn't something that is really uncommon. I like the y in the name. Letters like y, w, and x give names a cool look and feel. Myra would also be a great alternative to Maya, a more popular name.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Name of the Week: Bishop

Possibly means a higher power clergy



Middle Names
Bishop Anthony
Bishop Montgomery
Bishop Wyatt
Bishop Henry
Bishop Gabriel
Bishop Julian
Bishop Amadeus
Bishop Harrison
Bishop Elijah
Bishop Gage

First Names
Leonardo Bishop
Soloman Bishop
Emerson Bishop
Orlando Bishop
Matteo Bishop
Riley Bishop
Miles Bishop
Augustus Bishop
Gideon Bishop
Evander Bishop


Famous People Named Bishop
None that I could find

My Thoughts
Bishop is really different but not extremely unique name. It works well with popular names because it is two syllables but has a very unpopular ending sound. I think that bishops are a bad association. To me Bishop is a simple sounding name that should have a little more attention. 

Reasons It's Name Of The Week
A recent name love. Bishop is now in my top 3


Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Name Sisters Reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the first official Name Sisters Live Show! Come to our youtube channel at 5:30 EST/2:30 PST to watch us discuss names and answer questions. If you haven't asked us any questions yet go to our twitter and ask away! Can't wait to see you than!


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lucia, Carina, Isabetta and Adelina

Rob Mariano, a Survivor alum, just recently welcomed his forth daughter. The sibling set is just so cute and I love all of there names. You might too.

All Four Girls

Lucia Rose
Lucia is Rob and wife Amber's first daughter. I think Lucia is so precious. It has a very cute and grand feel to it. Lucy is one of my favorite nickname and would work great for Lucia. Although I'm not sure if they use Lucy as a nickname. Rose is a little too filtered for me but with Lucia is is okay. The combo as a whole feels pretty and girly feel.

Carina Rose
Carina is the second daughter and yes she has the same middle name as Lucia. You will notice a pattern with the middle names. Carina is a very pretty name. It's not very popular but I would love to see it rise in popularity. More Carina's need to be running around. I also like the spelling Karina but I feel like the C spelling fits the sibset better.

Isabetta Rose
The third daughter to Rob and Amber is Isabetta. Isabetta is like a play on the very popular name Isabella. I much prefer Isabetta for a few reasons. Besides it being less popular, it has the nicknames Isa, Betty, Etta, Betta, and Etty. Etta is one of my favorite nicknames for a girl and Isabetta has that. You could also use it to honor a Elizabeth.

Adelina Rose
Adelina is the little girl that Rob and Amber just welcomed. I really liked the name Adelina as well. I know Adelyn and Addison are both popular names but Adelina really isn't. The nickname Addy is cute but I don't like it all that much. It sounds a little overused and to me it doesn't stand up to the name Adelina.

All together the names are beautiful and flow nicely together. I do wish they had different middle names. Using Rose so many times can get really boring.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Exciting Name News

I'm so excited to introduce to you The Name Sisters!!

We are a group of 7 name loving girls from 2 countries, 5 time zones, across 2 oceans. Once a month we host a live name show similar to The View. On the show we answer questions and talk about names. You can get a feel as to how the shows will go by watching out first episode on youtube.

Like I said I'm just one of 7 girls in this sisterhood. You may be familiar with some of the sisters, especially if you are in the name community. All of us have youtube channels and blog. Let me introduce you to them.

Alexia Mae
Alexia Mae is the brains behind the whole idea and I know that I couldn't be more thankful for all the work she has done. She brought us all together and keeps us on track because we all know how chatty girls can get! If you watch youtube, than you know that Alexia Mae specializes in biblical names. I actually featured her on my blog a little while back. She also has a little boy named Judah.
Alexia Mae's Youtube,  Blog, and Name Instagram 

Kristen is our unisex name lover. She's opinionated but in the nice way. When I really want to know the good and bad aspects of a name I can go to her and she will tell me how it is. I love hearing all the new and different names she brings to the table. Kristen is a joker and very silly. I'm constantly laughing at the things she says and does.

Amelia has been making youtube videos for a few years now. In almost every single one of her videos I learn a new name and I like that. Her naming style is very grand. I can just see her with little princes and princesses running around with names like Octavia and Caspian. She's such a sweet girl with an amazing creative side. Believe it or not she can be very funny and silly too.

Alena has a very sarcastic but funny personality. She's constantly joking around and making the whole group laugh. Just like Alexia Mae she too love biblical names. Alena is very dedicated to her family. Right now she is fostering three sweet children. I've gotten to know her more over the last few weeks and I've really gotten the say she's a great person and has moral I would love to have when I become a little bit older.
Alena's Youtube 

Rebe is mom to Callum and expecting a little girl in a few months. In our group, she's the hipster from her personality to her naming style. She really brings life to this group with her spunky and bright personality. I just love hearing what names she is looking at and I can't wait to see what she names the new baby.

Meagan is someone I have just recently gotten to meet and know. I have to say I love her already. She is darling and very warmhearted. Not only is she darling but she's also very dedicated to her youtube channel. I love watching her videos. As for her naming style she really has a classical feel.
 Meagan's Youtube and Blog

Our personalities and naming styles work perfectly together. We balance each other out and really cover all bases. I love this group of girls and can't with to have amazing shows with them.

Don't forget to tune in for our live show this sunday, July 6, at 5:30pm EST. Just go to our youtube channel to watch it. Also ask us questions on our twitter so we can answer them in the show! If you can't make the live show don't worry we will be recording it and publishing it to our youtube.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Celebrity Babies

I use to make a post every month with the celebrity babies who had birthdays in that month. The reason I stopped is because there were too many names. I finally came up with a solution to my problem. Instead of doing every baby, I'll just pick my favorites for the month.

For July I have 8 favorite names along with their parents, and birthdays. Let's get started!

Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge
July 7
Parents: Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge
Marlowe means driftwood in English. I find Marlowe to be very spunky and quirky. I like how its not popular but also not crazy different. Ottoline means prospers in battle in German. I like vowel names and Ottoline is one you don't hear very often. It sounds as if it belongs on a princess or an English girl.

Dashiell Orson Priestly
July 9
Parents: Naomi Lowde and Jason Priestly
Dashiell means from Chiel in French. I love the nickname Dash and Dashiell is also cute. Many of the popular boy names end in sounds such as son and er so its nice to have a different sound. Orson is a nice, fresh name. In both Latin and English it means bear cub. It goes along with a lot of popular names without being popular and overused. Vowel names are some of my favorite type of names but there are not too many out there. Orson is a name that just looks nice and sounds nice.

Bingham Hawn Bellamy
July 9
Parents: Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy
Bingham is very different and I can remember Kate Hudson receiving a lot of hate for the name. It is a British surname that means homestead at a hollow. I find the nickname Bing to be so cute and different. I like that this name is not like many popular names out there. Hawn sounds too much like Dawn for me to like it. There is really no information on the name Hawn.

Estela Ines Monteverde Landry
July 11
Parents: Ali Landry and Alejandro Gomez Monteverde
Estela is one of prettiest names I have ever seen! It's very grand and princess feeling. I know there are some princesses named Estela in the world. I would probably prefer the spelling Estella more. It means star in Latin. Ines looks like a word to me. It is the Latin and French variants of Agnes and means pure and virginal. Although it is very nice and different. I believe you can spell Ines, Inez and that looks less like a word to me.

Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt
July 12
Parents: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
I personally love all four of these names. They make great combos and great twin names. Knox means round hill in Scottish. The X in Knox gives it a little bit of an edge. It's short and sweet and gets right to the point. I know Knox isn't a super popular name but I feel like it is gaining in popularity. Leon is another short and sweet name. It looks very manly to me. In Greek, Leon means lion. Vivienne means life in French. I love this spelling of Vivienne so much. It makes it look prettier in my opinion and is yet another princess name. Marcheline is a name that I hadn't heard of before but I love it. In French it means warrior. The nickname March is so cute. Both Vivienne and Marcehline have great meanings.

Clementine Jane Hawke
July 18
Parents: Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhuges
Clementine is very pretty and has an old-fashioned feel to it. In Latin it means merciful. It's not too old lady but its also not super modern. It ages well both with the child's age and the time period. I have been seeing Clementine raise in popularity a little. Jane is a very filtered middle name. It's sweet but I would have liked to see something else. Jane is a Hebrew name that means God is gracious.

Scout Larue Willis
July 20
Parents: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Scout is a word name that could possibly mean explorer. I love the name Scout. It's very spunky and different. When I see Scout I think of a little tomboy who likes nature and the outdoors. As for Larue, I would much prefer just Rue but Rue wouldn't work with Scout. Scout Larue together does sound great. Larue means dweller by the side of the road in French.

Zev Isaac Miller
July 22
Parents: Marissa Jaret Winoku and Judah Miller
Both Zev and Isaac are Hebrew names. Zev means wolf while Isaac means laughter. I would much prefer Zev as a nickname but it is still cute. The z and V give it a little bit of an edge. Two semi rare letters. I do find Zev to look a little incomplete. Isaac is one of my favorite I names and together Zev and Isaac make a great combo.

Let me know what you think? What are your favorite names from the list?

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