Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Review

Hey guys! Since the month of January is over I thought I would do a post of all of the celebrity babies born in January, along with who announced they were pregnant. Although there were few babies born in January, there were a few notable births. I have separated them into 2 categories: babies born in January and babies whose births weren’t announced until January. Let’s get started.

Babies whose birth wasn’t announced until January
  • Parents: Moon Bloodgood and Grady Hall
  • Birthday: December 15

Hudson Lennon Jones
  • Parents: Jon Jones and Sarah
  • Birthday December 31

  • Parents: Mario Barotelli and Raffaela Fico
  • Birthday: December 6

Babies born in January

Winter Victoria
  • Parents: Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas
  • Birthday: January 7

  • Parents: Mario Barotelli and Raffaela Fico
  • Birthday: December 6

Dakota (girl)
  • Parents: Rosie O’Donnell and Michelle Rounds
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Siblings: Parker, Chelsea, Blake, and Vivienne

Marnie Rose
  • Parents: Lily Allen and Sam Cooper
  • Birthday: January 8
  • Siblings: Ethel

Paisley Faye
  • Parents: Jennie Finch and Casey Daigle
  • Birthday: January 12
  • Siblings: Ace and Diesel

Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John
  • Parents: Elton John and David Furnish
  • Birthday: January 11
  • Siblings: Zachary

Knox Addison
  • Parents: Amanda Righetti and Jordan Alan
  • Birthday: January 10

Daniel Emanuel
  • Parents: Danny Gokey and Leyicet
  • Birthday: January 20

Ellis James and Elizabeth Mae
  • Parents: Samantha Brown and Kevin O’Leary
  • Birthday: January 17

Milan Pique Mebarak
  • Parents: Shakira and Gerard Pique
  • Birthday: January 22

Cash Allen McCLendon
  • Parents: Jenny McClendon and Levi
  • Birthday: January 28
  • Siblings: Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli, and Blake (Sextuplets) and 2 brothers from Levi
Now for those who are excepting
  1. Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilto with baby number 1
  2. Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson with baby number 1
  3. Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer with twins
  4. Kara DioGuardi and Mike McCuddy with their first, a boy, via a surrogate. They plan to name him Greyson James Carroll McCuddy
  5. Emily Rose and Dairek Morgan with their first, a boy
  6. Shannon Miller and John Falconetti with baby number 2, who will be welcomed by Rocco
  7. Poppy Montgomery and Shawn Sanford with baby number 2 for Poppy, who has a son named Jackson from previous relationship
  8. Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell with baby number 1
  9. Ann Silk and Seth Cooperman with baby number 1, a boy
  10. Jensen Ackles and Daneel Harris with baby number 1
  11. Amar’e Stoudermire and Alexis with baby number 4, who will be welcomed by Ar’e, Amer’e Jr. and Assata
  12. Kris Allen and Katy with baby number 1
  13. Julia Pace Mitchell and Stephen L. Hightower with baby number 1, a boy

That is the end of the month post. I plan to do it every month from now on. Out of the names of babies born in January I think my favorite name is Knox Addison.  I am most excited to hear what Amar’e Stoudermire and Alexis name baby number 4. What name do you like the most? Who Are you most excited about hearing what they name their baby? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you liked this. Bye for now :) 

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Mom Interview: Michelle and Tristan or Hope

Not her baby
Hey guys! I am back with the next mom interview! I know it’s been a week since I posted and I am very sorry! I am trying to get my act together but it has been so hard! I have come to the conclusion that I have bloggers block. I am working on 2 posts for next week. Look for them! The mom I interviewed this week was Michelle. She is from TheBump. So let’s get started.

1.       What is your baby(ies) name(s) (Include middle if you like)?
We are actually finding out what we are having on Friday! So I have one of each picked out. Tristan Mack or Hope Angelisa

2.       Do you have any nicknames you use?
At this point, we have not thought of any nicknames...well except for peanut, since that is what the baby looked like in our first sonogram! :)

3.       What names did you have picked out for the other gender?
Before we were pregnant we were thinking Callie and Beckham

4.       Was the baby named after anyone? If so, who?
Yes, the name Mack is after my cousin who passed away in 06 from brain cancer. He was my best friend and ever since he's been gone I always knew that would be my son's middle name. Angelisa is my middle name, so if we have a girl it will be named after me.

5.       Did you know the meaning before you choose the name?
Hope, yes...Tristan, no and its not a very good meaning! :(

6.       Who helped in picking the name?
My husband! He actually chose both of the first names.

7.       Did you use a book or website to help pick the names?
Tristan came from my husband's favorite movie..Legends of the Fall

8.       Is there anything you would like to add about how you named your baby?
I let my husband have more say in the first name since I basically told him what the middle names would be no matter what! I like names that are different but him not so much. For instance, if we have a girl, I would still want to name her Tristan and he is against that. I also love the name Harper!

So that is the interview. I did the interview last week so she could have found out what she is having already. If I find out what she is having I will let you know. Thanks Michelle for doing the interview. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Mom interview: Savannah and Hayden!

Hey guys! I am back with a name type of interviews! Since I have interviewed everyone who asked to be interviewed for Feature Friday I am doing a new interview! I will be interviewed moms about how they named their babies. The first person I have Savannah and her daughter Hayden. If you would like to check out her tumblr go to Now read on to learn about how she choose to name her daughter!
1.       What is your baby's name (Include middle if you like)?
Hayden Kaye McEachern

2.       Do you have any nicknames you use (Ex: Jake for Jacob or Bella for Isabella)?
My mom calls her "Hay Hay"

3.       What names did you have picked out for the other gender?
Matt (boyfriend/father) and I agreed on Grayson William 

4.       Was the baby named after anyone? If so, who?
Kind of. I wanted an "H" name if it was a girl because of my sister, Heather, who died in a car accident 5 years ago.

5.       Did you know the meaning before you choose the name?

6.       Who helped in picking the name?
I told Matt that the only "H" name that appealed to me was Hayden. He wasn't to on board with it because he thought it was only a boy's name, but came around eventually. 

7.       Did you use a book or website to help pick the names?
Yes, a baby name book I purchased from Barnes & Noble 

8.       Is there anything you would like to add about how you named your baby?
When picking out a baby name I didn't want to hear the name and then think of someone I knew, or even hated. I wanted a name that wouldn't remind me of anything or anyone I knew. 

So that was the first interview! I am so happy with how it turned out! I have more moms ready for the weeks to come but if you are a mom and would like to be interviewed send me an email. I had so much fun doing this and thank you Savannah! I hope you liekd this and don't forget to comment. Bye for now :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Rare" H Girl Names

Hey guys! How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing great! I am about to start midterms for school so I thought I would get on and before my life got really crazy. For today I have the next installment in the “rare” names series. I have the letter H for you. I’ll be doing the girl names. So let’s get started.

  1. Hadassah- Elisheva would be Hadassah’s sister and Mordecai would be her brother. Hadassah means myrtle tree in Hebrew. I don’t really like the name Hadassah.
  2. Harlow- Harper would be Harlow’s sister and Flynn would be her brother. Harlow means army in English. I love Harlow! At one point it was on my list.
  3. Harriet- Harriet’s sister would be Frances and her brother would be Arthur. Harriet is a German name that means home ruler. I really like the name Harriet. It does sound too old for a baby though.
  4. Henrietta- Wilhelmina would be Henrietta’s sister and Cornelius would be her brother. Henrietta is a German name that means home ruler. I think Henrietta is a gorgeous name! It’s very cute.
  5. Hermione- Beatrix would be Hermione’s sister and Aldric would be her brother. Hermione means messenger; earthly in Greek. I love the name Hermione but it reminds me of Harry Potter too much.
  6. Hilda- Hilda’s sister would be Inga and her brother would be Herman. Hilda means battle woman in German. Hilda is a nice name but it sounds too adult for a baby.
  7. Hollis- Hollis would have a sister names Ellery and a brother named Dexter. Hollis means near the holly bushes in English. I think Hollis is such a sweet name. I also like it on a boy.
  8. Honor- Honor’s sister would be Verity and her brother would be August. Honor means woman of honor in Latin. I think Honor is a sweet name. It’s the name of Jessica Alba’s daughter so it does make it a little unusable.

So that is all of the names. It’s short! I liked almost all of those names. Which did you like? Let me know below in the comments. I am trying my best to keep blogging more but it is so hard! I’ll be started on the boy H names as soon as I post this. I hope you liked it and bye for now :)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Rare" G Boy Names

Hey guys! I’m back with a new post! Before I get to the post I have a few things to update you about.

First this blog has a facebook page! Go over and like it. I will be posting all different things, like names I hear, and sibsets.
Second I want to direct you over to a name blog. It was started by some girls on formspring and I would love it if you checked it out.

Now on to the post. I am going to do the “Rare” G boy names. This isn’t a long list of names. So let’s get started.

  1. Galen- Galen’s sister would be Livia and his brother would be Avery. Galen means calm in Greek. It’s a nice name but sounds a little feminine to me.
  2. Gannon- Marley would be Gannon’s sister and Dawson would be his brother. Gannon means fair-skinned in Irish. I love the name Gannon! I first heard it on 16 and Pregnant and fell in love!
  3. Gareth- Emlyn would be his sister and Rhys would be his brother. Gareth means gentle in Welsh. I really like Gareth. It sounds exotic and cute.
  4. Garth- Garth’s sister would be Winona and his brother would be Judd. Garth is a Scandinavian name that means keeper of the garden. Garth is a cute one symbol name that I would like as a middle name.
  5. Gene- Roberta is Gene’s sister and Donald is his brother. Gene means well-born, noble in Greek. I don’t like the name Gene at all.
  6. Geoffrey- Holly and Brent would be Geoffrey’s siblings. Geoffrey is a German name that means peace. I much prefer the spelling Jeffrey and even with that spelling I don’t like the name.
  7. Gerald- Anita would be Gerald’s sister and Stuart would be his brother. Gerald means spear ruler in German. I feel like this name is too grand for a boy but makes a perfect name for an adult.
  8. Gibson- Della and Bowman would be Gibson’s siblings. Gibson is an English name that means son of Gilbert. I love the name Gibson! It is one of my favorite G names for boys.
  9. Giles- Rowena would be Giles’s sister and Basil would be his brother. Giles means small goat in Greek. I think Giles is a fresh name to Miles but it reminds me of fish too much.
  10. Glyn- Glyn’s sister would be Lise and his brother would be Keir. Glyn is an Irish and Welsh name that means glen; valley of water. I don’t really like Glyn because of the Lyn part. It makes it look girly.
  11. Gus- Reba would be Gus’s sister and Ned would be his brother. Gus means worthy of respect in Latin. I love Gus as a nickname for August but I don’t like it on its own.
  12. Guy- Guy would have a sister named Rosa and a brother named Clark. Guy means wood in German. I don’t like Guy because it just sounds like a nickname.

So those were the “rare” G boy names. G is kind of a strange letter to me but I still like some of the names. Don’t forget to like the facebook page and visit the blog. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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