Saturday, December 20, 2014

Miss World 2014

The Miss World winner was just crowned a few days ago. I happened to catch it on Tumblr I believe and the winner's name caught my eye. Her name was Rolene and that is what sparked this post. I went and looked at all of the contestants and found some pretty cool and fun names. And now we have a post about it. 

Rosetta Cartwright

  • Bahamas
  • Variant of Rosa meaning Rose
  • Latin
Although I thin of the language software at first, I think this is a cool variant of the name Rose. I believe people will get over the initial Rosetta Stone thought quickly. Roe, Rosie. and Etta are all cute nicknames. 

Leandra Gracia Caicedo

  • Colombia 
  • Lioness 
  • Greek 
Leandra is such a gorgeous, strong name. I love the meaning because lions are fierce, beautiful animals. I also like the boy name Leander a who ton and could have influence on my liking to the name. 

Gayle Sulvaran

  • Curaçao 
  • Variant of Abigail meaning my father is joy 
  • Hebrew 
Gayle is so simple and straight forward. It's kind of old lady chic. If I was to use it, it would be as a nickname for Abigail. 

Ioánna Filíppou

  • Cyprus 
  • Variant of Joanna meaning God is gracious 
  • Greek 
One word does this name not look beautiful to you?! I just love looking at it and even saying it (re-oh-ah-nah). It's filled with vowels too. 

Amina Ashraf

  • Egypt
  • Trustworthy, faithful
  • Arabic 
I love my A names, especially when it is a girl name that begins and ends with an A. The name sounds so pretty with the mee sound in the middle. It ages really well too. 

Keyla Lisbeth Bermúdez Nuñez

  • Guatemala 
  • Variant of Kayla meaning slim and fair
  • Irish 
At first glance the name looks like Kayla but I feel like people in English speaking countries will pronounce it like Key-la and not Kay-la. I think the name looks really pretty and fresh spelled Keyla. 

Edina Kulcsár

  • Hungary 
  • Wealthy 
  • English 
I was never the biggest fan of E names but in recent months I have started to really love them. Edina is another pretty name that I really like. The E makes it a little exotic and I like names that have the -ina sound. 

Koyal Rana

  • India 
I wasn't able to find information on the name Koyal except that it is definitely an Indian name. Every website had something to do with India. The way I am pronouncing it is like Royal but with a K. I think Coy would be a cute nickname. 

Dewi Liana Seriestha

  • Malaysia
  • Variant of David meaning beloved 
  • Welsh 
Dewi is really a boy name in most countries to my knowledge. I immediately think of Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle when I hear this name and can't really take it seriously on a girl. It would be really cute and different though. 

Milica Vulklis

  • Serbia 
  • Favor, grace
  • Slavonic 
Milica is such a pretty name. I have never heard it before but it really goes well with other names like Amelia and Lilika. Milly would be such a cute nickname!

Rolene Strauss

  • South Africa 
  • Free Man 
  • German 
Rolene was the winner of Miss World 2014 and the reason I started this post. Her name is so unique and different. I think it's just nice to look at. Rolly would be a cute nickname. 

Maeya Nonthawen Thongleng

  • Thailand 
I was unable to find information on the name Maeya. I still think it I really different and I pronounce it May-yuh. It could be a nice alternative to May. 

Andriana Khasanshin

  • Ukraine 
  • Variant of Andrea meaning manly, virile 
  • Greek
I love Andriana! It's so pretty and long. It's different but not crazy out there. I like that it begins and ends with an A. Andi, Andri, and Annie are all cute nicknames for it. 

Romina Fernández Sellanes

  • Uruguay 
  • Variant of Roma, a place name (Rome) 
  • Italian 
I think Romina is yet another pretty name. You can see that I think most girl names are pretty. I love Ro- names because the nickname Roe is so cute on a girl. Rome and Romy are also possibly nicknames.

I really thought it was going to be hard finding information on these names because some of this names were so different. This post was honestly one of the quickest posts I've done. One of my favorite things about this post was that I got to see names on people in different countries. 

What was everyone's favorite names? Here are the names for recap:

My favorite has got to be Andriana with Milica in second. 

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Surprising Name Loves

Sometimes I start loving names that simply surprise me. Names that have nothing to do with my usual loves or style. Many times they are names that are pretty popular and popular names are something I usually hate. The following  names are names I am loving lately and am actually surprised I love them.

James is such a classic and pretty popular name. Within the last few months I have met two James's that are college students and I would say they have helped me love the name but it should really be the opposite. I do not like the nicknames Jim or Jimmy so I would either call him James or even Jam or Jem. Jamie is a nice nickname too. Because I have an older cousin named James I don't think it would be usable. Although he only goes by Jimmy and I have never heard him called James. If I wasn't going to call my baby Jimmy than it could work.

Pip is such a cool nickname for a little boy. It's actually kind of vintage because it's usually used as a nickname for Phillip. I always find nicknames that I love but never full names to go with them. I don't like Phillip so I'm still on the look out for full names.

The very first time I heard the name Nigella I hated it. It was too masculine sounding to me. After doing a name post on Ella names I am now in love with it. It sounds so pretty and even more unique. This name isn't exactly a surprise to me because I like unique names and I also love girl names that end in an A. The surprising part is how I went from hating the name to loving it.

I recently did a post on my name instagram about this name because to was a request from a follower. When I first saw the name I didn't like it at all. Since doing the post I have really started to love the name. Saying it out loud seemed to help a lot. When it comes to names I really like sharp sounds and letters like v, z, x, and k. I also like that it's short and ends with an A. Really it reminds me of the name Ava a lot because they both end in the -av sound and are two syllables.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Ella Names Beyond Gabriella and Isabella

Ella names seem to be all the rage right now. They are such pretty names with a grand ending to them. I love ella names just like the next person but I'm not a fan of popular names. That is why I complied a list of names that end in the gorgeous Ella sound but are loss popular.

The feminine form of Nigel, Nigella means champion in Irish. One famous Nigella and probably the only Nigella you will hear of is Nigella Lawson, a famous chef and judge on The Taste. Fun Fact about her is her father's name was Nigel. Maybe that is why she is named Nigella?

I have heard a fellow Name Sister, Meagan, talk about Anastella and how pretty it is. Just keep repeating Anastella over and over and try to tell me it doesn't sound like a gorgeous princess or fairy. This name is a combination of Ana meaning grace and Stella meaning star.

Carmella is the gorgeous Spanish variant of Carmel meaning garden. If you want to go with a nature name but don't want it to be too obvious Carmella is the way to go. Nicknames like Carmi, Cami, Mella, and Melly all work great for Carmella.

Israella can be considered a place name to an extent. Its extremely similar to Israel with a little spin. I looked and looked but couldn't find the meaning of Israella. There doesn't seem to a lot on the name, making it a prefect unique name.

Raffaella has a few different spellings. There is the Raphaella, Raphaela, and Rafaella. I do prefer the two F's and L's though. As the feminine form of Raphael you can use Raffella to honor them. The meaning of Raffella is God Heals in Hebrew. Rafi is a great nickname I have to say.

Marcella is kind of a old lady name but at the same time really cute. I know this is a stretch but I think Marni would be a cute nickname for Marcella. They both have the same beginning sound. Marcella means dedicated to Mars in Latin. So with that meaning would you consider it a space name? I think so because it has the hidden meaning.

If you like the name Aubrey but it's too popular Aubriella is perfect for you. It's also great if you want a popular name with a unique spin to it. I had trouble finding the meaning and origin of Aubriella. It's another pretty yet unique name out there.

Donatella is a stunning, strong name. It reminds me of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles a little but I don't even care. As an Italian variant of Donato, Donatella means given by God.  I'm sure someone has a Dona in their lives they would like to honor and Donatella is the way to go.

Esabella (Ee-suh-bella)
Esabella is a variant of the name Isabella. I know in the Spanish language people sometimes pronounce Isabella like Esabella. There aren't many E names out there so this one is a nice, unique one.

Joella is so pretty! It's very similar to Noelle and Joelle. If you want to honor a Joseph you can use Joella. Joey is a cute tomboy nickname too. Surprising to me Joella is a variant of Joel and Joel means Yahweh is God.

I hope you found some new names you like. Are there any Ella names that I missed that you love? Tell me below!



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