Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Top 20 Boy Names

I just posted about my top 20 girl names the other day so now I am going to do my top 20 big names. It took me much longer to write this list because I have such problems loving boy names like I love girl names. Boy names are never my thing.

1. Atlas Conrad
I have loved the name Atlas for such a long time now. I think it is such a cool name. The origin middle name had been Connor but I changed it to Conrad because Conrad is so much cooler. 

2. Theodore Landon "Theo"
This combo was my number one name for a really long time but I don't love it as much as I did. Both names are names I just like. 

3. Pierre Charleston 
Pierre is a name I heard at the daycare I worked at over the summer and fell in love. It sounds very fancy. Charleston is after my dad, Charles. 

4. Ezra Job (Joe-b)
I had Ezra on my list before and just changed the middle name. I think Ezra is a pretty cool name that I once hated. Job reminds me so much of the bible and think it sounds so fresh compared to Joe. 

5. Bishop Montgomery
I love word names as you will find out with this name. I think Bishop sounds so cool because you don't hear many names with that ending sound. Montgomery is a name I love but am not brave enough to use it as a first name. 

6. Cowan Mortimer
Cowan is another name I heard and saw spelled this way at my daycare job. I was so in love with the name I had to add it to my list. You can spell it Cohen or Coen but I like this spelling better. Mortimer is another name I love but am not brave enough to use it as a first name. 

7. Basil Pennington
Again I love word names and nature names. Pennington is cool and honors where I come from a little. Plus the two names together are just a killer pair. 

8. Clement Harrison
I found Clement while searching for names and thought it was so cool. Harrison is a name that was once in my top 10 as a first ahem but I just don't love it as much now. 

9. Flynn Jedidiah
Well I love Tangled but that's not why Flynn is on my list although I did first hear Flynn on the movie. I just like the name. Jedidiah is a name I first heard on 19 Kids and Counting and fell in love. Its one of my favorite J names. 

10. Evan Leroy
So I know an Evan and always thought his name was a great name. I decide to put it on my list. I did have to decide between Evan and Eben, both names I like a whole lot. Leroy is just cool. 

11. Shepherd Jameson 
Another word name that I love and Jameson is just cool. It also reminds me of the name James, which is one of the only classical names I like. 

12. Arrow Dean
I am so in love with this name. Arrow grew on me because of the tv show Arrow and Dean is the name of my second cousin. I love it but couldn't use it because of him. 

13. Rome Francisco
After writing this combo I realized that they are both place names. I really don't care because the combo sounds so cool. Rome is a short and sweet name and Francisco is something that is long and grand. 

14. Abner Coy
I really just love these names. I like Abner because it ends in an -er but is still different. Coy is just so whimsical and cool. 

15. Hawk Edmund
Hawk is a name you really don't hear very often and is probably a guilty pleasure name for people. I paired it with Edmund because it needs a classic, vintage name to balance it out. 

16. Kaleo Ryder (k-uh-lay-o)
I heard the name on a tv show on a Hawaiian man and loved it. I do think people would mispronounce it though. Ryder is to honor my brother, Ryan. 

17. Emerys Cannon
Emerys is an E name that I love. I think it sounds so different and unique. Cannon is after my sister, Shannon, and is a name that I love the look and sound of. 

18. Chet Winston 
Chet is a name that I found why looking for names and put on my list right away. It's short and sweet. Part of me thinks of an American Indian for some reason. Winston is a cool old man name and is after the band Mumford and Sons. 

19. Carlow Grey
I believe this was mentioned in my group chat with my Name Sisters but I later found it while searching for names and it went right on my list. It sounds familiar but at the same time is different. Grey is such spunky and nature-y almost. 

20. Hagan Moses
Hagan I heard on a little baby and than slowly fell in love with it. It sounds so nice and different. Moses is such a sweet biblical name. 


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Top 20 Girl Names

For the first time in almost 2 years I not only have a top 10 list for boys and girls but now its a top 20 list! I spent the past month making this list and revising it. I did so much searching for names that I loved enough to put on my list. I than went the extra mile and added middle names to all of the names. Many of the middle names have meaning to me and I'll tell you the meanings if so. So let's get started on the girl names!

1. Juliette Rosalie "Jette"
I am in love with the name Juliette and I love the nickname Jette even more. Rosalie is to honor St. Therese, who has so much meaning to me.

2. Maven Seraphina
I just love Maven and had a hard time picking between Maven and Mavis. I picked Maven because it just looked a little more girly. Seraphina is after my grandma Sarah.

3. Collins Brigitta
I love the name Collins and Brigitta is because I love the name Bridget but that is one of my best friend's name and it also honors her.

4. Soleil Annora
I liked the name Soleil and I liked the meaning even more. It means sun in French.. Annora honors my grandma Anastasia.

5. Keeva Hartley
Again I love Keeva. I fell in love with the name after Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof named their daughter Keeva Jane in 2012. Keeva is also an Irish name and I am Irish. Hartley is just a name I really like. I think the name Hart is so sweet.

6. Leonor Pippa
I love the names Leonor/Leonore and Eleanor/Eleanora. It was hard picking which name I liked the most but I ultimately picked Leonor because it is more unique and less popular than Eleanor. Pippa is just such a spunky name I like.

7. Audra Simone
I heard the name Audra on a few different babies recently and fell in love. I like it better than Audrey because it is so unexpected.

8. Nicolette Pearl "Nikki" 
I love house gorgeous the name Nicolette sounds. I know a girl through some friends who's name is Nicolette but they call her Nikki. Pearl is after my sorority who's jewel is the pearl. Plus I have always loved the name Pearl.

9. Magnolia Beatrice "Maggie/Nola/Nolie" 
This is a combo that was on my old list and I still love it to this day. Magnolia is a precious flower name and Beatrice means she who brings happiness in Latin. I love good meanings on names.

10. Holland Arabella
Holland Arabells is yet another combo from my old list. Holland is just such a cool spunky name and Arabella is a name that I just love but wouldn't use as a first name.

11. Blair Vienne
Gossip Girl is one of my favorite tv shows but that is not why I have Blair on my list. I just love how spunky and preppy it sounds. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use Vienne or Vienna but Vienne just sounded so much more grand and fancy.

12. Wren Katalina
Now I didn't but the name Wren on my list because my name is Ren. I have it on my list because I like the way it sounds and because I love that it is a bird name. Katalina is to honor my mom, Kathleen.

13. Esme Matilda
Esme is such a pretty name and I have recently been loving E names, especially for girls. Matilda has always been a favorite name of mine but is too popular for me to use as a first name. Matilda is my favorite movie too.

14. Ophelia Maislee 
I have had the name Ophelia on my list before but with a different middle name. I just think Ophelia is both different but also beautiful. Maislee is a name I kind of made up I like Maisie and Paisley but wanted a combination of the two.

15. Oceana Cleo
There's nothing really interesting or important about this combo. I just like both names and think they are cool.

16. Halona Saige
Halona means happy fortune and that is one of the reasons I love it. I also like the way it sounds and how pretty it looks. Saige is a name I find pretty and not super girly.

17. Amia Laurel (uh-mee-uh) 
I met a little girl named Amia at my work and fell in love. Its so fresh sounding to the popular name Amia. Laurel is a ahem I heard on the tv show, Arrow, which is a new favorite of mine.

18. Zenobia Elosie "Obie (nickname is said like the letters o and b together) 
I have Zenobia on my list because I love the nickname Obie. We have a girl in my sorority who goes by the nickname Obe because of her last name. Eloise is the middle name because it is pretty and traditional.

19. Paloma Dove
Paloma is such a pretty, strong name. It does mean dove so the meaning of this name is dove dove. I just can't break the combo because I love it so much.

20. Aidra Juniper (aid-dr-uh) 
Aidra is the name of one of my friend's sister and I fell in love when she said told me. Juniper is a name that was once on my list as a first name but I don't love to as much so I moved it to the middle name.

I know this is such a long list but I couldn't make myself stop at just 10! Let me know what you think of these combos and if you have any suggestions on changes.



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