Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider's Children

Who loves Disney raise their hand?! I know my hand is raised that's for sure! So many bloggers feature Disney names on their blogs. There is even a name blog dedicated to just Disney names. I can't say I haven't shared my own Disney inspired names on the blog before (links at the end of these post). I'm always looking for ways to write about topics people like but with a twist. Hence, this blog series was born.

For a few years now I have had this idea floating around in my head. Part of the inspiration came from multiple artist and their depictions of Disney couples as parents. Imagine, the famous Disney couples all grown up and starting their own families. What would they name their little ones? So here I am to bring some inspiration to these dotting parents.

First up is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (or Eugene Fitzherbert), my favorite Disney princess. She is the lost princess and every year on her birthday they release lanterns for her. Her syllable (I believe you can call it that) is a golden sun. I tell you all of that because that is how I am pulling inspiration for the names.

Flora- Flower; Latin
There is a scene where Rapunzel is seen getting her hair braided and flowers placed in it. Throughout the movie you will find flowers. It seems as if the princess loves nature. No better name than a flower one.

Lux- Light; Latin
Like I mentioned above lanterns are a huge part of the movie. There is also a song called I See The Light.

Aisling- Dream, Vision; Irish
By far my favorite song from the movie is I've Got A Dream. At the beginning of the movie Rapunzel is wondering when she will be able to live her dreams and visions that she has.

Orli- Light for Me; Hebrew
Not only is the meaning of Orli have the word light in it but the full meaning is light for me. After everything the princess has been through I think its such  fitting meaning to a child.

Aurelia- Golden; Latin
The gold sun was a huge, huge role in the movie. I don't want to give any spoilers but if you watch the movie pay attention for the suns. 

Lucius- Light; Latin 
Prince Lucius sounds good right?! I can picture him in a disney movie. 

Arman- Dream; Kazah 
Arman kind of sounds like an old man name just like Eugene. Between the meaning and that I think it makes a nice name for a son of Rapunzel and Flynn. 

Paz- Gold; Hebrew 
Something about the sound of the name Paz sounds Disney like to me. I'm also digging the hidden gold meaning. 

Orion- Bounty, Limit; Greek 
Orion is a constellation in the sky. The lanterns in the movie can be mistaken for stars. Stars are also lights in the sky. 

Chrysanthos- Golden Flower; Greek 
Flowers and the color gold are important symbols throughout the movie so I had to put Chryanthos on the list! 

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  1. 🐧 How does Nishas sound as a girl's name for Rapunzel's daughter?

    1. 🐧 How does Nisha's sound as a name for Rapunzel's daughter?



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