Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Namer Interview/Feature Friday

Hey, guys. I’m back again. This time with the details and small rules for the baby namer interview/feature Friday. I thought I would start off with the details. If you don’t already know, every Friday I will be interviewing a baby namer and putting their interview up on my blog. A baby namer is someone who blogs, makes videos or is on formspring that loves names. 

Here is some information:
  • The people will be picked at random using
  • You will get a number every week. It will change every week because there will be one less person.
  • I will let everyone know their number before I pick, that way there are no problems. I will make a page on my blog were every week I will update the numbers.
  • To make it fair and free of doubt I will send out a formspring question saying I am picking and then I will video tape the number being picked with the time and date.
  • If you are picked, you will be contacted by email, formspring, your blog, or youtube.
  • You will be keep in the drawing every week unless you tell me you do not want to be in it that week.
  • I will add anyone at any point if they were not there the previous weeks. 
  • I would like your blogs, youtubes or tumblrs to be about baby names. 

Here are a few rules:
  • You can only be picked once.
  • I need to know the best way to contact you before your name is put into the drawing.
  • When you are picked, I ask that you keep it a secret until my blog post is out.

When you are picked:
  • The winner will be picked on Sunday and contacted as soon as they are picked.
  • I will contact you in the way that you stated is best for you.
  • I will ask that you contact me as some as you get the confirmation that you were picked but no later than the Wednesday.
  • If you do not contact me by Wednesday, than I will pick someone else.
  • After you contact me back, I will ask which of the following ways is best to conduct the interview and when. The chooses are email (which I prefer), Tinychat, or other.

I hope I covered all of the details and everything is understandable. If you have any questions you can leave a comment, ask me a question on formspring (, or send me an email at  The first person will be next Friday, August 3 and they will be picked on Sunday, July 29. I hope everyone wants to be a part of this. Bye for now :).

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  1. I'd love to take part, and the best way to get into contact with me is via my blog email: merdenomsnames [at] gmail [dot] com :D

    1. great I just added you to the list in the feature Friday tab.



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