Tuesday, July 31, 2012

French Baby Names

Hey guys. I have another blog post for you guys. This time the post was inspired by Kara (DearMissKara). She had asked what our favorite names from some of the origins were and I thought that would be perfect for a post. The origin I have today is French names. I never know I liked so many French names until this post. I have 15 girl names and 15 boy name and their meaning. So let’s get started.

  1. Arlette- Lion of God
  2. Adelie- Noble
  3. Arline- Eagle
  4. Aveline- it is a form of Evelyn and Evelyn means Beautiful bird
  5. Delphine- Woman from Delphi
  6. Elodie- wealthy, riches
  7. Emerence- Worthy of Merit
  8. Leonie- Lioness
  9. Maelie- Chief, Princes
  10. Magalie- Pearl
  11. Marcheline- War like
  12. Silvine- Forest
  13. Solange- Solemn
  14. Vivienne- Alive
  15. Villette- Small Village

  1. Bastien- Venerable, revered
  2. Blaise- Limping
  3. Burke- From the Fortress
  4. Dashiell- Page boy
  5. Elroy- The king
  6. Dax- Leader
  7. Fleming- From Flanders
  8. Gilles- Is a form of Giles, which means pledge or young goat
  9. Gaston- From Gascony, France
  10. Leverett- Young hare
  11. Moises- Born of
  12. Olivier- Olive tree
  13. Saber- Sword
  14. Razo- Royal
  15. Rigny- From Rigny, France

So that is my list. I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment. Also the feature Friday will be out in 3 days!!!! I hope everyone is as excited as I am.

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  1. Some gorgeous names here! I love Razo, Elodie & Magalie!

    1. Thanks! They were some of my favorite names from this list.



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