Saturday, October 14, 2017

13 Names for Friday the 13th 

Happy Friday! And happy Friday the 13th. Are any of you out there suspicious of today? I know I'm not but my dad is a huge believe in the date just like so many people out there. 

If you follow me on my name Instagram (which you all should!) then you know I have been participating in a name challenge I helped create with the dear Alexia Mae (@namesdaily). It has been such a fun and, at times, challenging month and it's not even half way over! Today's prompt was Friday the 13th. On my Instagram I have you two list, a boys and a girls, of 13 names given to 13 babies in 2016. 

I got to thinking more about today and names and I thought what names are out there that are associated with the number 13. So while I was sitting at work I was brainstorming ideas and researching during all my 5 minute breaks. 

1. Epiphany- In the Christian religion the three wise men came to visit Jesus on the 13th day of his life. It's called the Epiphany. 

2. Apollo- Apollo 13 is a NASA space mission that was an unfortunate failure. It goes perfectly with the unluckiness of the day yet has so many great connections. 

3. Ophiuchus- There are 12 known zodiac signs but here is also a 13th and that is Ophiuchus. It gained some attention in the early 2010s when they tried to change the zodiac dates. 

4. Jodie- I'm not a Doctor Who fan but I know there are a lot of doctors. The 13th doctor is Jodie Whittaker. 

5. Rhodes and Isla- Rhode Island was the 13th state of the United States and part of the original 13 colonies. 

6. Lace- The tradition wedding anniversary gift for the 13th year is lace. I love word names and this Lace is just sweet. 

7. Millard- Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of the United States. You could even use Fillmore as a name. 

8. Baker- Baker's Dozen has 13 eggs or rolls. I follow a mom on Instagram with a little girl named Baker and I just adore it. 

9. Fox- Salt Lake City has a news channel called Fox13. There was even a baby born a few years ago on Friday the 13th with he name Fox. 

10. Knight- The Knights Templar was arrested on October 13, 1307 by King Philip IV of France. They were later tortured making this a nice connection to the bad luck of Friday the 13th.

11. Judas- Jesus had 13 apostles and the 13th was Judas. He was later replaced my Matthias so there's 2 names for you! 

12. Trece- The Spanish word for 13 is Trece. It'd make a nice middle name. 

13. Coven- In Wicca, covens usually have 13 members. 

I'm getting this post out to you just a little past midnight so technically October 14th. I was just so excited about this post I had to share.  

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