Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Rare" N Girl Names


  • Meaning: Diminutive form of Ellen or Helen; bright, shining one
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Evie and Theo

I enjoy the name Nell greatly. To me it is the cutest little girl nickname that can grow nicely with her. Some of my favorite full names for it are Penelope, Eleanor, and Cornelia. I would prefer it spelled Nelle, which is a less common spelling of the name. You could also use the name Nella, which I love even more than Nell.

Niamh (NEEV)

  • Meaning: Bright 
  • Origin: Irish 
  • Siblings: Aoife and Niall

Niamh is the Irish spelling of the name but you can also spell it Neve. I love this name but I'm too afraid that it would never be pronounced correctly in the United States. The meaning is very nice and cute. I always get happy when names have good meanings. If anyone is brave enough to use Niamh let me know!


  • Meaning: Rule 
  • Origin: Latin 
  • Siblings: Doris and Ralph

Norma is one of those vintage names that I just can't see coming back into popularity. It sounds very old lady to me. Plus with todays popular names it sounds extremely similar to Nora. I almost mistakes it for Nora at first. Now putting Norma in the middle name spot would be golden!



  1. My grandma's name is Norma but she hates her name! I would love to use it as a middle name for a future daughter. I adore the combo Estelle Norma.

    1. Estelle Norma is adorable! I love it so much



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