Sunday, June 19, 2016

Big Brother 18

I'm a huge Big Brother fan and the new season will be out this coming week. A few days ago the names of the houseguest were released. There are some pretty cool names so I thought I would share the whole group with you. And if you are a fan tell me! I want to meet all of the Big Brother fans out there.

Bronte is a literary name being worn by the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. The name gives off a very English, posh sound to it. It has never been ranked in the United States and was ranked all the way back in 1998 at #408. Bronte is an English name meaning descendent of Proinnteach (bestower).

Paulie is a diminutive of Paul meaning small or humble. In the Bible Paul can be found in the New Testament as an apostate of Jesus. Currently (2015) the name is ranked at #200 and was most popular in 1930 (#12). The name gives off a very simple and put together picture.

Zakiyah is an alternative spelling to the Arabic name Zakiya meaning pure. During my research I can across the name Zaccai, a boy name meaning pure, that was the name of a minor character in the Bible. I have to believe that Zakiyah can be an alternative to Zaccai. The name found be adorable with the nicknames Kai, Zak, or Kiki.

Glenn from Big Brother is one of the older house guest and explains he name a little. I feel like Glenn suits him really well just by looking at his picture. He looks like a Glenn. In Scottish the name means valley. When you look at the charts you have to go all the way back to 2008 to find Glenn.

The Natalie I picture in my head has long brown hair that's curly. She is Italian. Natalie is a French nam meaning Christmas Day. In 2015 she was ranked at #27 and was most popular in 2008 at #18. I wonder how many of those Natalie's were born on or around Christmas.

Victor makes me think of macho guys who still have a soft side. The men who will play dress up with kids. In Roman the name means victor, conqueror. In 2015 it was ranked at #160 on its way down the charts from previous years.

I went to school with two Bridgettes one of which wore this spelling of the name. There are many spellings of the name such as Bridget, Brighid, Brigid, and Brigit. The name gives off a Irish Catholic girl feel to it. In Irish it means exalted one. You won't find the spelling Bridgette on the charts unless you go back to 2003 but you will find Bridget at #537.

Jozea is probably the most unique name out of all of the house guest. There is little to no information on the list. When you look up the name I only get information on Jozea in Big Brother. If you know anything about this name let me know!

Tiffany is a perfect name from he 80s that is still ebbing used today. For me the first thing that comes to mind is Tiffany and Co the jewelry company. I think of class and someone who dresses in fancy dresses and pearls. In English the name means manifestation of God.

The name Corey makes me think of a polite country boy wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. I enjoy the simplicity of the name. My personal preference is the spelling Cory. In Irish the name means from he hollow.

Michelle is the feminine form of Michael meaning who is like God. One of the most recent famous name bearer is Michelle Obama who seems to help keep the name alive. To my surprise the name didn't make it onto the charts until 1938.

There is a Paul and a Paulie on this season of Big Brother. I am wondering if you guys get two different feels to the two names. To me Paul is a more profession name where Paulie is someone who would party and play games. Do you feel like the names are opposite to each other.

If you are a long time Big Brother fan than you know there are always more than just 12 house guest. There is for sure a twist in the making. Who could the other house guest be? I guess only time will tell!


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