Friday, June 24, 2016

No Nickname, No Problem! [Boys]

A few days ago I shared with you 10 of my favorite girl names that have no nicknames. Today I am here to share 10 of my favorite boy names that have no nicknames. While making this list I felt like it was easier to make the boy list than the girls. Boys seem to have less nickname options than girls.

Rhett- My first thought when I hear the name Rhett is a little southern boy. It is a name found in the classical book Gone With The Wind. Watch out because the name is showing up in popularity!

Brooks- I am such a sucker for names that end in S. I also love names that seemed to belong in the south. Like Rhett, I always picture a sweet boy dressed in seersucker running around on a farm.

Otto- Otto is a German name that was popular up until the two World Wars. Otto is a palindrome name meaning it can be spelled the same backwards.

Kai- Kai is one of the most popular Hawaiian names out there. This one syllable name was once unheard of but has been climbing the charts since the late 1990s. Its so popular now that most people will know how to pronounce it.

Knox- Knox is a surname turned first name. He ends in the exotic X and sounds like it ends in an S. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie named their son Knox in 2008 causing many people to take notice to it.

Wyatt- I'm a fan of Raising Hope, the tv show, and one it they have a character named Wyatt. Before the show I wasn't too keen on the name but it has really grown on me. It has been a favorite of many people causing it to be all the way up at #34 on the charts.

Sawyer- Sawyer is an occupation name that feels friendly and fresh. Two famous bearers of the name are Tom Sawyer, a classical character, and Diane Sawyer.

Killian- The beings sound (kill) seems to be one of the only reasons people shy away from the name. If the beginning is too harsh for you I suggest the spelling Cillian.

Dean- My cousins named her son Dean about 6 years ago and it was the first time I really noticed the name. Now I love it and would use it as a middle name. I'm also a huge fan of Supernatural so I associate the name with the show.

Forrest- Forrest was on the top 1000 charts from 1900 to 2003. Than it took a 10 year break and came back in 2013. Since them he has been moving up the charts. I adore the name Forrest and love the nature yet unique feel it has.

These are just 10 of my favorite no nickname names. If I wanted to I could go on and on making a list so long you wouldn't want to read it! If you enjoyed this post or the girl's post let me know and I can do more like it!



  1. I think Wyatt and Forrest are my favorites of these, though I am also fond of Rhett because of Rhett and Link. Side note: Otto makes me think of the 90s cartoon "Rocket Power." :)



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