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Traditional Irish Names {Boys}

I am so in love with Irish names. Part of me thinks its because I am Irish myself but the other part is because the names are just so beautiful and unique. They are also easy to spot as Irish just by looking at them. I featured some traditional Irish girl names yesterday so I am going to share with you some traditional Irish boy names today. Names like Aiden, Sean, and Patrick are not on this list so you are getting a nice variety of unique names.

Pronounced: AL-yil
Meaning: Elf 
This is a name that is frequent in Irish legend. One Ailill is the youngest husband of Queen Medb. It is believed that she chose him because he was a man without meanness, fear of jealousy, and a match for her own greatness.

Pronounced: BRAN
Meaning: Raven
In Irish legend Bran was a mariner who was involved in many adventures. I am a Game of Thrones fan and there is a character with the name int he series. This might be a coincidence but Bran in the show has connects with ravens.

Pronounced: KAHR-bra
Meaning: Charioteer
Cairbre is the name of many historical and mythological figures in medieval Ireland. There was the poet, King of Tara, 1st century High King of Ireland, Ulster Warrior, eponymous founder of the Cenél Coirpri and many others. Not only is it a first name it is also a place name in Ireland. Its a great occupation name that many people wouldn't think of. 

Pronounced: UR-skien
Meaning: Projecting Heights 
The name is a surname that was derived from a Scottish town. Erskine Childers is a famous Irish novelist and nationalist. His novel, The Riddle of the Sands is one of great influence. As an Irish patriot, Erskine smuggled guns into Ireland on his sailing yacht.

Pronounced: FIN-var
Meaning: Fair hair
Saint Fionnbharr of Cork was a 6th century bishop who was said to have performed miracle cures. The Barry Islands off of Wales were named after him. The name is a great alternative to the ever popular Finn and Finley.

Pronounced: LOR-kan
Meaning: Little Fierce One 
I just adore this name! I think this is the easiest name on the list to pronounce in English. For some reason I thought I talked about this name on Instagram already but I am mistaken. Must have been on someone else's account and not its bugging me because I can't remember. Some of you may know the name because of a character in Harry Potter. 

Pronounced: OSH-een, USH-een
Meaning: Little Deer
In Irish legend Oisín was a warrior hero and poet. The name is currently ranked at #12 in Ireland. I am a huge fan of animal name so the meaning is just the cutest. Wouldn't a hunting themed nursery be so cute for a little Oisín?!

Pronounced: ROR-ee
Meaning: Red King 
The last high king before the Norman invasion in Ireland from the 12th century was named Ruaidhrí. This name is great because it is the Irish spelling or Rory. If you can get over the fact that most people won't be able to pronounce it I think its great to use. 

Pronounced: TIEG
Meaning: Poet
An 11th century king of Connact was named Tadhg along with many other kings in Ireland. I think this is one of the few traditional Irish names that I see for boys from time to time. In Ireland the name has gained popularity. It was #69 in 2005 and #40 in 2010. The name is most common in South-west Ireland.

Pronounced: TEER-nawn
Meaning: Little Lord
Tighearnán is the name of a 12th century king of Breifne  in Ireland. He was contently expanding his kingdom through alliances. The English variant of the name is Tiernan, an easy to pronounce name. 

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