Friday, March 10, 2017

Unique One Syllable Middle Names {Boys}

Yesterday I featured 10 unique one syllable girl middle names and today I am going to do the boys! Today is Middle Name Pride day and the inspiration behind the two blog posts. What is your middle name? What are your favorite middle names? I always love to hear people's full names and see how they flow.

I know a lot of people like one syllable middle names because a lot of times they flow good with the first name. Another aspect of naming that I have noticed over the years is people like unique names but don't feel they can use them as a name. I say that just because it doesn't work as the first name doesn't mean it can't work as the middle name! That is why I have a list of unique one syllable names that you can use below.

Ford- I have Ford in my top 10 but I have been noticing people using it in the middle name spot. It is great to use after the car company if your like cars.

Penn- Penn always makes me think of William Penn but that could be because I'm from Pennsylvania. I also like Penn in honor of a writer.

Holt- Holt is a Southern name and a word name. It has a sound to it that is unique and different.

West- Kim Kardashian named her daughter North so why can't West be used? It sounds very southern and county in my mind.

Boone- I am starting to realize by looking at this list that a lot of the names are county feeling. Boone is no different. Its not a name you will hear around much.

Ames- James is a common middle name for boys so why not use Ames. Its a nice way to honor a James and has almost the same sound.

Rush- I am a huge fan of word names so its no surprise I like the name Rush. You can also make it a nature name to like the rush of water going by.

Twain- Mark Twain is a famous author out there. If there are parents who like literature or him as an author Twain would make a perfect middle name.

Creed- Creed is a religious name and one that isn't known immediately. A creed is a formal statement of Christian beliefs.

Kit- I adore the name Kit for a boy. The only thing is I could never use it as a first name unless I used it as a nickname but I can't find a full name I love. If you want to honor a Christopher or Christian I think this is a good way to do it.

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