Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kardashian West Baby #3

The newest Kardashian baby is here! I repeat the newest Kardashian baby is here! Normally I don't get super excited about celebrity baby news and I didn't for the last two Kardashian-West babies but this time is different. Something about the naming theme they already have, North and Saint, has me on edge for this new baby girl. Will they choose a one syllable, word name again? Or will they throw us off and go with something we would never expect? 

I've been working on my most anticipated celebrity names of 2018 but haven't finished it yet. I know I know it's already more than two weeks into the year but it's been slow coming. In this two part special I am listing the expecting celebrities I can't wait to hear names from AND giving suggestions/predictions. 

It's no surprise that Kim and Kayne's third baby is on there. She's definitely at the top of all the namers 2018 wait list. Since my post most likely won't be out before her name is released I'm dedicating a who post just to her! This post is being written as I sit in the lobby of my city's school district waiting for my younger sister to take a standardized test on my iPhone 🙈

North and Saint are both one syllable word names and they both contain the letter T in a prominent way. At first that is the route I was going in my suggestions but realized there aren't a whole lot of names out there in that category. Below are suggestions all across the board. 

Story, True, Aspen, Grey, Rue, Wild/Wilde, Arbor, Winter, Night, and Lux

Lux is a name I have been seeing suggested for this baby many, many times. I can get on board with Lux for sure! Maybe that will be this baby's name. North's name started as a rumor and then Kimye fell in love with it and used it. 

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