Monday, January 9, 2012

Strong Names

Today this list is going to be on names that have strong in their meaning. I put girl, boy and unisex names on this list.

  1. Aaron- Hebrew; Exalted, Strong
  2. Carolos- Greek; Strong, Manly
  3. Ethan- Hebrew; Firm, Strong
  4. Liam- Irish; Strong-willed Warrior
  5. Hardy- English; Courageous, Strong
  6. Wilhelm- German; Strong-willed Warrior
  7. Willem- Dutch; Strong-willed Warrior
  8. William- English; Strong-willed Warrior
  9. Tiergan- Irish; Strong Willed (Love this name!)

  1. Arnia- American; Strong As An Eagle
  2. Bryna- Irish; Strong One (my favorite)
  3. Bryndis- Scandinavian; Of Strong Armor
  4. Gertrude- German; Strong Spear
  5. Mina- English; Strong-willed Warrior
  6. Minka- Polish; Strong-willed Warrior
  7. Velma- Greek; Strong-willed Warrior
  8. Valene- Latin; Strong
  9. Wilhelmina- German; Strong-willed Warrior

  1. Timber- American; Wood, Strong
  2. Harding- English; Hard-working, Strong (my favorite)

So that is my list. I hope you like it. My favorite boy name was Tiergan, my favorite girl name was Bryna and my favorite unisex name was Harding. Bye for now. 

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