Sunday, March 25, 2012

MLB Series: Baltimore Orioles

So this is another name blog in the MLB series. I am going to do the Baltimore Orioles. So let’s get started.
  1. Oliver- This name is for Oliver Drake. He is number 61, a pitcher and 25 years old. Oliver means elf army in English. I like this name and I like the nickname Ollie.
  2. Patton- This name is for Troy Patton, he is number 40, a pitcher, and 27 years old. Patton means fighter’s town in English. I like Patton. It is cute and you can use the nickname Pat without using Patrick.
  3. Andino- This name is for Robert Andino. He is number 11, an infielder, and 28 years old. Andino means manly in Italian. I like this name because it ends in dino and that is a great nickname.
  4. Antonelli- This name is for Matt Antonelli. He is number 54, an infielder and 27 years old. I couldn’t find the meaning. I like this name because you could use the nickname Tony without using Antony.
  5. Endy- This name is for Endy Chavez, He is number 9, an outfielder, and 34 years old. Endy is a girel name that means magical woman in English. I though this name was cool and that is why I put it on the list.
  6. Jai- This name is for Jai Miller. He is number 13, an outfielder, and 27 years old. Jai means victory in Indian (Sanskrit). I like the way this name is so much like Kai.

  1. Arrieta- This name is for Jake Arrieta. He is number 34, a pitcher and 26 years old. Arrieta means the Virgin Mary in Spanish. I like this name because of the Arri beginning and the Eta end.
  2. Ayala- This name is for Luis Ayala. He is number 38, a pitcher and 34 years old. Ayala means a female deer, doe in Hebrew. I like how this name has 3 a’s in it.
  3. Berken- This name is for Jason Berken. He is number 49, a pitcher and 29 years old. I could only find that it is a Kurdish name. I like this name because of the modern feel it has.
  4. Eveland- This name is for Dana Eveland. He is number 37, a pitcher and 29 years old. I couldn’t find the meaning of Eveland. I like this name because it begins with Eve.

So that is my list I hope you liked it. Stay tune for more. Bye :)

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  1. My daughter's name was inspired by Aubrey Huff when he was playing for the O's. As each player came up to play, as a joke, I turned each player's name into a girl's name and asked hubby if he liked it. Brian became Brianna, etc. When I hit on Audrey, hubby said "I like it." I spent the next few months throwing names at him, but Audrey stuck. It fits my daughter well.

    1. That is so cool! I never though about it that way. I love how your daughter's name has a meaning. Thanks for telling me about your daughter's name sake.



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