Sunday, March 25, 2012

MLB Series: Boston Red Sox

Hey again for the 6th time today. I have another MLB baby name series list. This time it is the Boston Red Sox. So let’s get started.
  1. Beckett- This name is for Josh Beckett. He is number 19, a pitcher, and 32 years old. Beckett means dweller by the brook in English. I love this name and I really like the nickname Beck.
  2. Bowden- This name is for Michael Bowden. He is number 64, a pitcher, and 26 years old. Bowden means shelter, one who brings good news in Scandinavian, Old French. I like the Bow in this name.
  3. Felix- This is for Felix Doubron. He is number 61, a pitcher, and 25 years old. Felix means happy and prosperous in Latin. I like the way this name sounds.
  4. Stolmy- This name is for Stolmy Pimehtel. He is number 14, a pitcher, and 23 years old. I couldn’t find out what Stolmy means. I put this name on the list because it was too cool to pass up.
  5. Dustin- This name is for Dustin Pedroia. He is number 15, an infielder, and 29 years old. Dustin means Thor’s stone in English. I like this name and the first time I heard it was on Zoey 101.
  6. Crawford. This name is for Carl Crawford. He is number 13, an outfielder, and 31 years old. Crawford means from the crow ford in English. I like this name. it sounds cool.

  1. Bailey- This is for Andrew Bailey. He is number 40, a pitcher and 28 years old. Bailey means bailiff, steward in English. I like this name. It sounds country.
  2. Britton- This name is for Drake Britton. He is number 87, a pitcher and 23 years old. Britton means from Brittany (England) in English. I like this name and the first time I heard it was on Quints by Surprise.
  3. Aviles- This name is for Mike Aviles. He is number 3, an infielder, and 31 years old. I couldn’t find the meaning of Aviles. I like how Aviles begins with Avi.

So that is my list. I hope you like it. Stay tune for more. Bye :)

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