Saturday, February 23, 2013

Haim Sisters

Hey guys! So I know my post have been almost non-existent and I apologize to everyone who comes to read my blog. I haven’t had to energy or the want to post on here. I also haven’t been on formspring in a few weeks so my inbox is filled. I don’t know why I haven’t had to urge to blog or talk about baby names much lately. I really do want to blog more but I haven’t been able to think of any ideas on what to blog. If you have ideas or things you want to see let me know below in the comments.

 I do have an idea for today. Last weekend I went to see Mumford and Sons in concert. It was absolutely amazing and my love for them has grown 100 times more. The people whose names I want to talk about today opened for them. They are a group called Haim. Haim is a group of three sisters and their drummer from California. Their names really caught my eyes. 

  1. Este- means crowned in Greek
  2. Danielle- means God is my jungle in Hebrew and French
  3. Alana- means rock in Gaelic and awakening in Hawaiian
  4. Dash- means from the ashes in English

So those are the names. I really like Este from the list. Overall the names are so nice together and make a cool set. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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