Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Month in Review

Hey guys! So today is the last day of February and I thought I would do the month in Review. I had almost forgotten to make this! I’ll just be doing the babies who were born since the last post and I won’t be doing pregnancy announcements. I am going to put the March birthdays either tomorrow or the following day. So look for that. Let’s get on to the new babies!

Vaunne Sydney (girl)
  • Parents: Mercedes McNab and Mark Henderson
  • Birthday: February 25

  • Parents: Rachel Reynolds and David Dellucci
  • Birthday: February 15

Sebastian Taylor Tomaz “The Bash”
  • Parents: Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa
  • Birthday: February 21

Rex Rayne (boy)
  • Parents: Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood
  • Birthday: February 21

Isis Sidney
  • Parents: Katherine Kallinis Berman and Ben
  • Birthday: Febraury 19

Holden John
  • Parents: Howie Dorough and Leigh
  • Siblings: James Hoke
  • Birthday: February 16

Felix Chang Hong Grant
  • Parents: Hugh Grant and Tinglan Hong
  • Siblings: Tabitha
  • Birthday: December 29

Talulah Rue Price
  • Parents: Sara Rue and Kevin Price\
  • Birthday: February 9

Lula RosyLea
  • Parents: Bryan Adams and Alicia Grimaldi
  • Siblings: Bunny
  • Birthday: Exact date unknown

Julian Ryder
  • Parents: Mark Deklin
  • Siblings: Kylie
  • Birthday: January 11

Archer Thomas Merritt Brokaw
  • Parents: Sarah Brokaw
  • Birthday: February 11

Mason Alexander
  • Parents: Liza Huber and Alexander George Hesterberg III
  • Siblings: Royce, Brendan and Hayden (girl)
  • Birthday: February 6

Alessandra Linville
  • Parents: Devon Aoki and James Bailey
  • Siblings: Hunter
  • Birthday: February 12

Ariana Siena Horsley
  • Parents: Imogen Thomas and Adam Horsely
  • February 11

Rekker Radley Gigandet
  • Parents: Cam Gigandet and Dominique Geisendorff
  • Siblings: Everleigh Ray
  • Birthday: January 23

Theodore William Payne
  • Parents: Kelly Macdonald and Dougie Payne
  • Siblings: Freddie
  • Birthday: December 8

So there are all the new babies! It took my so long to do all that but it’s defiantly worth it. I won’t have a Mom Interview up tomorrow because I don’t have anyone to interview! If you would like to be interviewed let me know! I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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