Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Rare" H Boy Names

Hey guys! I am back again! This time I come to you with the “rare” H boy names! My goal is to give you more post and I am working towards that. While we are on the topic of blog post I thought I would ask you what YOU want to see. What would you like me to post about? Let me know in the comments. So let’s get started.

  1. Hal- Hal’s sister would be Polly and his brother would be Glen. Hal means army ruler in English. I think Hal makes a cool nickname but I couldn’t see it as a full name.
  2. Hamilton- Louisa would be Hamilton’s sister and Edison would be his brother. Hamilton means flat-topped hill in English. I love the name Hamilton! It is such a grand name and it reminds me of a rich important person.
  3. Hamish- Hamish’s sister would be Elspeth and his brother would be Magnus. Hamish is a Scottish name that means he who supplants. Hamish is a cute name but I think it is a little too much for a baby.
  4. Harlan- Delta and Leland are Harlan’s siblings. Harlan means army land in English. I think Harlan is a really cute name and a great alternative to Harley, which is used as both a girl and pet name.
  5. Harris- Althea would be Harris’s sister and Foster would be his brother. Harris means son of Harry in English. I think Harris is cute but I prefer Harrison more.
  6. Hart- Hart’s sister would be Calla and his brother would be Stone. Hart is an English name that means strong, brave; stag. I like Hart as a nickname for Hartley, which I love on a girl.
  7. Harvey- Rosie would be Harvey’s sister and Louie would be his brother. Harvey is an English and French name that means eager for battle; strong and worthy. To me Harvey is either a dated name or the name of a motorcycle. It is still cute though.
  8. Haskell- Haskell would have a sister named Freda and a brother named Elkan. Haskell means intellect in Hebrew. I have never heard of the name Haskell before and I think it is really cool.
  9. Herbert- Pauline and Bernard are Herbert’s siblings. Herbert means illustrious warrior in German. Herbert is too old man for me to see on a baby or a kid.
  10. Herman- Bertha would be Herman’s sister and Walter would be his brother. Herman means soldier in German. I don’t like Herman at all. It is too old sound to me.
  11. Homer- Homer would have a sister named Hester and a brother named Waldo. Homer means security, pledge; hostage in Greek. I don’t find Homer to be usable because if the Simpsons.
  12. Horatio- Horatio’s sister would be Isadora and his brother would be Philo. Horatio means hour, time in Latin and guardian in Greek. I don’t like Horatio at all.

So that is the H names. I am going to work on more blog post as soon as I post this. I am trying my best to get more post up but it is hard. I am in a huge blog funk and can’t get into blogging. I am trying though! I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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  1. I like:
    ~ Hal
    ~ (I like Elspeth)
    ~ (I like Delta)
    ~ (I like Althea)
    ~ Hart (I also like Calla)
    ~ (I like Isadora and I love Philo)

    My favorite "H" boys names are Hawthorn, Howell, Hezekiah, Holden, Hayes, and Hunter =)

    1. I love Hawthorn, Hayes, and Hezekiah!

    2. I love Hawthorn, Hayes, and Hezekiah!

  2. I love Hart, and I'm seeing a fair bit of Harlan lately.

    Hamish is a common name in Australia, and not at all too much for babies! (They only stay babies for such a tiny amount of time, anyway).

    1. I haven't been seeing Harlan all that much. I would love to see it more thought!

      I love how different names have different ranks in different countries. That's true haha



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