Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Names 2013

Hey everyone! Happy Easter! I know this is late but I spent the day with my grandparents. I have found that coming up for names for Easter is kind of hard. There are only so many names you can use and I used a lot of them last year. I try not to use the same names each year. This time I have a few names but if you found like to check out last year’s names go here. So let’s get started.

Names that mean lamb
  • Agnes- The Latin name for lamb is agnus and St. Agnes was often seen with a lamb.
  • Cordero- A Spanish name that means Lamb
  • Hamal- An Arabic name that means Lamb

Candy Names
  • Ruth- The candy bar Baby Ruth; Ruth means friend, companion in Hebrew.
  • Kit- For the Kit Kat bars; Kit is a nickname for Katherine or Christopher.  
  • Milton- Milton Hershey made Hershey bars; Milton means mill town in English.
  • Cadbury- The very famous Cadbury eggs.I couldn't find a meaning.

Names that mean life (because Jesus gave us life)
  • Viva- It means alive in Latin.
  • Enid- A Welsh name that means life, spirit
  • Haya- It means life in Hebrew.
  • Vitus- It means life in Italian
  • Athanasios- A Greek name that means life
  • Haim- It means life in Hebrew

So those are all of the names. I really had fun coming up with these names. Every year I have to come up with more creative ideas for the holidays. I really enjoy it. I hope you enjoyed your day if you celebrate Easter. Bye for now :)

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