Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update :)

Hey guys! I know I haven’t post in a while but we haven’t had good internet for almost a week. I have had to use my phone and now we have used up almost all of my data. As of right now my internet is back but I don’t know for how long. I’ll try to get post out and ready. I do have a five day weekend for Easter. I don’t really get a Spring Break because I go to a Catholic school. I do have plans to have blogs ready. 

I did want to get on here and just update you all. Some of you may know that Formspirng is shutting down :(. After being on there for more than a year and meeting some amazing people, I am sad to see it go. In an attempt to keep the community together, we have moved to a few places. We have a group on Facebook and we have all become friends on Facebook. We have also followed each other on Twitter, Pinterest, Listography, and any other place we could think of. We also have a forum board and we found a website that is JUST like formspring. I’ll link all of my stuff below if you want to keep in touch or be a part of any of those things. 

Some big news! I wrote an article for the baby name Magazine Matilda Mag! If you would be so kind as to check it out that would be great! I am so excited that it is in the magazine! It's on pages 32 and 33.

I will be starting the “Rare” Name series up again and I have some ideas for other blog post. I’ll probably be typing as much up as I can while the internet is down and when it gets back up I’ll post them. I’ll try my best to blog more. 
I hope to talk to you soon. Bye for now :).  


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