Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey everyone! I just wanted to update you on what has been goin on. I am super busy with getting ready for college. I move in in 8 days! Tomorrow will be a week until I move in! I can't believe this summer has flown by so fast! 

As for this blog, right now I am working on some post. In the next couple of weeks and months the post will be very slow and few. Starting college is going to be a lot and I have no idea when I will be able to get on and post. As soon as I figure out college and how to balance everything I will get on a more regular schedule of posting. 

There is on new thing I want to talk about. I got a kik! My username is laurenashleyyy2013 and I would love messages and questions from you guys! It can be about names or not. Anything would be nice. 

I'll talk to you guys soon!


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