Sunday, August 17, 2014

Daycare Names

This summer I worked at a daycare that cares for children ages newborn to 11 years old. While I was there I heard some interesting names that caught my ears. I find would love to always work with kids because than you get to hear all the fun names ;).

Ioliana (I-oll-ee-ah-na)
This little girl was a year old and just so cute! They called her Ioli (it rhymes with cannoli). I went to do research on this name but couldn't find anything! When I search Ioliana. it says it's spelled wrong and wants to spell it like Eliana but they aren't the same name. I think this is a really pretty, princess name with such an adorable nickname.

Although I don't particularly like this spelling of the name, I love the name it's self. One day I had to write this little girl's name down and know there was a y in it but had no clue how she spelled it. I think that is the only problem with this name. Mariah is a name that you are pleasantly surprised to see because its a sweet classic. Mariah is a Latin variant of Maria and Maria means the Lord is my teacher.

Amia (uh-me-uh)
When I first heard this name I thought the teacher's were calling her Mia but that I heard it a second time and heard it was Amia. It's such a nice alternative to the name Mia plus it has the really cute nickname Mimi. Amia means beloved in Hebrew. Last year was the first year that Amia was on the SSA's popularity list and it ranked at #998.

You hear the names Coralee and Coraline a lot but you hardly ever hear the name Coralai. Coralai reminds me of a hawaiian girl or a tropical island somewhere. It's such a cute name with a cute nickname Cora or Cory. I like both the Coralai and the Coralei spellings. This is another name I couldn't find anything on.

Isa (EE-sa)
This little girl's full name was Isabella but they pronounced it the Spanish way. In Spanish I's are pronounced like E's. I heard the name first and had such a hard time understanding how it was spelled. I fell in love with the pronunciation. Now the little girl will probably have problems saying it the English way and not the Spanish way. But don't let that stop you from using the name!

This name was love at first sight! I love the spelling and the pronunciation. You may also spell it Cohen, Cowen, and Coen. Cowan/Cowen has not been on the popularity list but Coen and Cohen have. Cohen was #368 in 2013. Coen hasn't been on the list since 2011 and it was ranked at #973 and before that it was only on the list in 2006 at #962. I could see people liking Cowan more because it is said and spelled the same way.

Pierre screams French to me. I can see a little boy running around the streets of France wearing overalls and a cute little hat. It's such a strong name and not something I hear very often. This little Pierre was a Jr. (yet another shocker for me!) and at times he was called PJ or Peach. The Peach sounded like that because they just combined the P and J in his nickname. I really love Pierre.

Musa is a name that I never heard before and don't expect to hear again. I hate to say it but the first thing I thought of when I heard the name was a moose because it sounds exactly like moose but with an a at the end. I still think it is a cool, exotic name that would make a nice middle name.

Warren is such an old man name and it also reminds me of a superhero. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this name. I did have a problem where I thought they were saying Lauren but they were actually calling him. Warren is a great name that has many different pictures like a business man or a surfer.

Darrell is even more old man sounding than Warren. It defiantly something I did not expect to hear on a little boy. Maybe he was named after his grandfather or someone else. Now that would be cool to find out!


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