Friday, August 22, 2014

"Rare" M Boy Names

I'm back on the "rare" names! After months we are finally off the letter M and next post will be the letter N!


  • Meaning: Son of 
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Fay and Gus

I think Mack is a really cute name. I had the name Mack on my girl name list about a year ago and now it's on my guilty pleasure list. Mack makes a better nickname than as a full name to me. Some full name options include Macallister, Mackenzie, and Macormic but are not limited to them.


  • Meaning: Great
  • Origin: Latin
  • Siblings: Linnea and Ramsay

The first thing I think of when I see Magnus is Matilda. Ms. Honey's father was names Magnus. Now a days you wouldn't meet too many Magnus but it is something you might hear on a grandfather. If you wanted to make a name sound vintage, you can use Magnus as a middle name.

Mahlon (MAY-len)

  • Meaning: Sickly
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Siblings: Adah and Freeman

Before doing this post I had never heard of Mahlon. I used the pronunciation from the book but at first sight I would say m-uh-lone. I think this is a pretty cool name but the meaning is really bad. If meaning doesn't mean anything to you that it shouldn't be a problem but meaning matters to me so that turns me off.


  • Meaning: Derived from Mars; male
  • Origin: Latin
  • Siblings: Verena and Rainer

Marius is definitely a rare name. I've never heard it before but I think it's kind of cool. It sounds like Lucius and really reminds me of it. I don't think I would use it.

Merle (MERL)

  • Meaning: Blackbird
  • Origin: French 
  • Siblings: Beryl and Hoyt

Merle sounds like a short form of Merlin, I really feel like it isn't complete and like I should be saying something another sound. I'm not a huge fan.


  • Meaning: Sea Fortress 
  • Origin: Welsh
  • Siblings: Ardith and Newton

I think of Merlin the wizard from King Arthur's time. I think that is what most people will think of and is one of the reasons this name is so rare. I really don't see this on a little baby and can't see it making a comeback.


  • Meaning: Short form of Maurice or Morris 
  • Origin: English 
  • Sibling: Bess and Nat

Moe is one of my favorite nicknames on both a boy and a girl. I think I like it better on a girl because it doesn't sound like an old lady name where as on a boy it sounds like an old man. My favorite full names for the nickname Moe is Moses. I love Moses and love that it's biblical. I've recently started to fall in love with biblical names more.


  • Meaning: Gumarih's Hill
  • Origin: Norman
  • Siblings: Cordelia and Carlyle

I love Montgomery and have it on my middle name list. I wouldn't have the courage to use it as a first name. It's a brave name for me. One of the reasons is because its such a distinct surname.  In the popular show, Pretty Little Liars it is the last name of one of the main characters.


  • Meaning: Variant of Maurice; Dark-skinned
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Golda and Sherman

Surprisingly enough I really like this name. I don't think I like it enough to use it but enough that it catches my eye. Morris definitely has a vintage feel, something you would find in the top 100 for the 30's or 40's.


  • Meaning: Variant of Moses
  • Origin: German
  • Siblings: Cleo and Dock

I said a few names before that i love the name Moses and Mose is just like it. Again Mose is a name that I feel like I should be saying another syllable or saying someone's nickname. It looks really cool and complete though.


  • Meaning: Descendant of Murchadh
  • Origin: Irish
  • Siblings: Connolly and Miller

Murphy is a great surname that works good as a first or middle name. You really don't see Murphy much. I do have to say that I see it more on a dog than I do on a human. Murphy may be going on my guilty pleasure list.


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