Saturday, August 23, 2014

What If Characters

I was watching tv and a commercial for the new movie starring Daniel Radcliffe came on. What caught my ear about this commercial was the characters' names, especially the girl's name. And that inspired a name post!

Wallace is the name of Daniel Radcliffe's character. Wallace is a name that you don't hear now a days. You would have been more likely to hear this back in the 50's or 60's and now it would be considered a grandpa name. I feel like when the name Wallace is used in movies or tv shows it is used on geeks or weird characters, almost as a way to make them more nerdy. In my opinion Wallace is ready for a comeback but it would take a very brave soul. In French Wallace means welshman.

Chantry is played by Zoe Kazan in the movie and this is the name that really inspired the post. Until now I have never heard of the name and I had to go look it up to see what the name really was. When I first hear this name I thought it was the name Gentry because both names end in the same sound. I think Chantry is cool and different. It kind of reminds me of Chandler. The meaning of Chantry is singer in French and really that is a great meaning. I always love names with cool meaning.

I have no idea what the movie is about but I do know that I love the names that are picked. It's always nice to hear different names in movies because than I feel like more people will be exposed to them.

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