Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Top 20 Boy Names

I just posted about my top 20 girl names the other day so now I am going to do my top 20 big names. It took me much longer to write this list because I have such problems loving boy names like I love girl names. Boy names are never my thing.

1. Atlas Conrad
I have loved the name Atlas for such a long time now. I think it is such a cool name. The origin middle name had been Connor but I changed it to Conrad because Conrad is so much cooler. 

2. Theodore Landon "Theo"
This combo was my number one name for a really long time but I don't love it as much as I did. Both names are names I just like. 

3. Pierre Charleston 
Pierre is a name I heard at the daycare I worked at over the summer and fell in love. It sounds very fancy. Charleston is after my dad, Charles. 

4. Ezra Job (Joe-b)
I had Ezra on my list before and just changed the middle name. I think Ezra is a pretty cool name that I once hated. Job reminds me so much of the bible and think it sounds so fresh compared to Joe. 

5. Bishop Montgomery
I love word names as you will find out with this name. I think Bishop sounds so cool because you don't hear many names with that ending sound. Montgomery is a name I love but am not brave enough to use it as a first name. 

6. Cowan Mortimer
Cowan is another name I heard and saw spelled this way at my daycare job. I was so in love with the name I had to add it to my list. You can spell it Cohen or Coen but I like this spelling better. Mortimer is another name I love but am not brave enough to use it as a first name. 

7. Basil Pennington
Again I love word names and nature names. Pennington is cool and honors where I come from a little. Plus the two names together are just a killer pair. 

8. Clement Harrison
I found Clement while searching for names and thought it was so cool. Harrison is a name that was once in my top 10 as a first ahem but I just don't love it as much now. 

9. Flynn Jedidiah
Well I love Tangled but that's not why Flynn is on my list although I did first hear Flynn on the movie. I just like the name. Jedidiah is a name I first heard on 19 Kids and Counting and fell in love. Its one of my favorite J names. 

10. Evan Leroy
So I know an Evan and always thought his name was a great name. I decide to put it on my list. I did have to decide between Evan and Eben, both names I like a whole lot. Leroy is just cool. 

11. Shepherd Jameson 
Another word name that I love and Jameson is just cool. It also reminds me of the name James, which is one of the only classical names I like. 

12. Arrow Dean
I am so in love with this name. Arrow grew on me because of the tv show Arrow and Dean is the name of my second cousin. I love it but couldn't use it because of him. 

13. Rome Francisco
After writing this combo I realized that they are both place names. I really don't care because the combo sounds so cool. Rome is a short and sweet name and Francisco is something that is long and grand. 

14. Abner Coy
I really just love these names. I like Abner because it ends in an -er but is still different. Coy is just so whimsical and cool. 

15. Hawk Edmund
Hawk is a name you really don't hear very often and is probably a guilty pleasure name for people. I paired it with Edmund because it needs a classic, vintage name to balance it out. 

16. Kaleo Ryder (k-uh-lay-o)
I heard the name on a tv show on a Hawaiian man and loved it. I do think people would mispronounce it though. Ryder is to honor my brother, Ryan. 

17. Emerys Cannon
Emerys is an E name that I love. I think it sounds so different and unique. Cannon is after my sister, Shannon, and is a name that I love the look and sound of. 

18. Chet Winston 
Chet is a name that I found why looking for names and put on my list right away. It's short and sweet. Part of me thinks of an American Indian for some reason. Winston is a cool old man name and is after the band Mumford and Sons. 

19. Carlow Grey
I believe this was mentioned in my group chat with my Name Sisters but I later found it while searching for names and it went right on my list. It sounds familiar but at the same time is different. Grey is such spunky and nature-y almost. 

20. Hagan Moses
Hagan I heard on a little baby and than slowly fell in love with it. It sounds so nice and different. Moses is such a sweet biblical name. 


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