Wednesday, June 20, 2012

100th Blog Post!!!!!!

This blog is special for a number of reasons but the main reason is because it is my 100th blog post!!!!! I can’t believe I have made 100 post on this blog. I want to thank everyone for reading and commenting, especially Lou ( So in honor of my 100th blog post I have a set of names (no surprise there). I have names where only 100 babies were born with this name in 2011. So let’s get started.

  1. Alexys
  2. Alyana
  3. Alycia
  4. Amaia
  5. Breanne
  6. Cambree
  7. Citlaly
  8. Estefani
  9. Jayleigh
  10. Kaily
  11. Kameron

  1. Braylan
  2. Canyon
  3. Denote
  4. Fredy
  5. Kaine
  6. Kashton
  7. Laith
  8. Lester
  9. Lochlan
  10. Marion
  11. Shannon

When I made this blog post in Word all of the girl names were considered spelled wrong, which I find fun. I think so of these names are okay like Shannon but only on a girl but others are bad like Citlaly. If you were wondering where I got the names from this is where

I thought I would also tell you’re the 100th most popular baby name for boys and girls. For boys it was Jaden. 3,777 baby boys were named Jaden in 2011 and a fun fact the 101 most popular name for boys in 2011 was Vincent and it had 3,776 boys named that. That means only one for Jaden was born than Vincent. For girls the 100th most popular name in 2011 was Kaitlyn. 2,893 baby girls were named Kaitlyn in 2011.

So that is my blog post. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think. Stay tune for many more blog post to come in the future. Thanks for reading. Bye :).

P.S. I couldn’t leave you without a picture of a cute baby! So here is two pictures.

Photo #1 Credit:
Photo #2 Credit:


  1.'s certainly an eclectic list of names. When I was little I was a fan of these books which featured a character called Lester, so I think that I like that name the most.

    1. I know. I think Lester is a cute name but it kind of makes me think of old people.



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