Monday, May 18, 2015

My Personal Favorites From The Top 1000

While reading up on my newsfeed on Facebook I came across a post Nameberry's Facebook that lead me to a few of the posts on their forum. The posts are about you picking your favorite names in a certain section of the top name list (ex: 1-25, 26-50, etc.) for boys and girls. I thought it was such a cool way to look at all the names and pick your favorites so here are mine!

1-25: Samuel/Elizabeth
25-50: Sebastian/Sadie
51-75: Charles/Caroline
76-100: Lincoln/Naomi
101-125: Ezra/Elena
126:-150: Theodore/Isla (Harrison was a close second)
151-175: Jameson/Arabella (This was such a hard section for boys!)
176-200: Abraham/Athena
All Around Favorites: Jameson/Athena

201-225: Dean/Esther
226-250: Lorenzo/Parker  (Francisco was a close second)
251-275: Reid/Juliette
276-300: Knox/Ayla
301-325: Anderson/Rosalie
326-350: Gideon/Elsie
351-375: Atticus/Catalina
376-400: Solomon/Ada
All Around Favorites: Atticus/Parker (I had a hard time picking my favorites)

401-425: Gannon/Itzel
426-450: Keaton/Francesca
451-475: Pierce/Cataleya
476-500: Lawson/Juniper
501-525: Malakai/Leia
526-550: Cannon/Willa (Gloria was a close second)
551-575: Bowen/Mariam (Boston was a close second)
576-600: Raphael/Audrina (Matilda was a close second)
All Around Favorites: Pierce/Leia

601-625: Crosby/Beatrice
626-650: Atlas/Blair
651-675: Flynn/Mabel
676-700: Crew/Lennon
701-725: Alden/Amia
726-750: Thaddeus/Leona
751-775: Hezekiah/Sutton
776-800: Eugene/Thea (Jedidiah and Monroe were close seconds)
All Around Favorites: Atlas/Lennon

801-825:Apollo/Nola (It was hard picking for the girls!)
826-850: Briggs/Magnolia (Collins was an extremely close second)
851-875: Thatcher/Paloma
876-900: Ford/Holland
901-925: Lachlan/Astrid
926-950: Jericho/Mercy
951-975: Judson/Julietta
976-1000: Bridger/Aya
All Around Favorites: Briggs/Magnolia

So those are all my favorites. I had a hard time picking some of my favorites. It was really fun to see these names and which ones I liked. If anyone does them let me know! I would love to hear your picks!


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