Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hal The Nickname

When I originally thought about doing a post on the nickname Hal it was suppose to be for a boy. Then I realized that Hal is a unisex nickname and I decided to do a post on Hal for a girl and a boy. I prefer Hal as a nickname for a boy but I think it works great either way.

Halston: This is one of the first names that popped up when I thought of Hal as a nickname for boys. It goes great with names that already end in the -ton sound.

Hallan: I think if you like Halston but want a shorter name Hallan is great. It gets right to the point of the nickname Hal.

Hallam: I was doing some research on the name Hallan and it said that Hallan come from Hallam. I think its cool but like Hallan better.

Harold: This is the tradition full name for Hal and a great vintage name if you want to go down that root.

Halden: Halden is similar in sound to Holden and similar to the name Halston as well. I like to pronounce it Hal-den.

Callahan: I love this name so much and when I realized you could use the nickname Hal with it I was head over heels. It sounds very sophisticated.

Hayley: The very common name for the nickname Hal. There are other spellings including Haley, Hailey, and Halle.

Hallyn: Hallyn is the same as Hallan for a boy but with a more feminine spelling. I saw a little girl on instagram with this name and it makes me think of her.

Halia: Pronounced like Hailey with an a on the end, Halia is a pretty grand version of Hailey. I like Halia a lot more than Hailey because it is more unique.

Halina: If you like names that end in the -lina sound than Halina is for you. It gives you that princess feel but still lets you use Hal as a nickname.

Halona: This name is in my top 20 list because it sounds so pretty. It also has a great meaning in Native American. It means happy fortune.

Mahalia: If you like Halia but want a longer name Mahalia is prefect for you. I have always loved this name and have been putting it on my extend top name list for years now. It always finds a way to sneak back on.

Thalassa: This pretty greek name meaning the sea is prefect for a beach goer or sailor with the added bonus of the nickname Hal.

I forgot how much I loved making these posts. Nicknames are a great passion of mine and I need to start focusing on them more on the blog. If you have any nickname suggestions leave them down below. I'd love to hear them!



  1. Hal is our son's nickname. It is a fabulous nn, historical, substantial but spunky and fun. His full name is Henry Oliver.

    1. I love his name! And I love that you picked Hal as a nickname.



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