Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Rare" O Names

The "rare" series is back up again! It's crazy to think about how long I have been doing this series. Hopefully the series will be done by the end of this summer if not by the middle. The letter O is going to be done a little bit different than the normal "rare" post. I usually make separate post for girls and boys but because there were only 3 names for each gender I thought I'd just do it as one post. This post was filled with some pretty cool and actually rare names. So without farther ado here are the O names.


  • Meaning: Holy, Blessed 
  • Origin: Russian 
  • Siblings: Irina and Boris

Olga is definitely a rare name and I have yet to meet a baby or even an adult with this name. I think part of the reason is because it is so out there and you really have to be Russian or Scandinavian to use Olga.


  • Meaning: From Mount Olympus 
  • Origin: Greek 
  • Siblings: Araminta and Cassius

I love Olympia! Greek names are one of my favorite origins and I also really love names associated with mythology. Ollie/Olly would be a cute nickname along with Mia and Pia.


  • Meaning: Light 
  • Origin: Hebrew 
  • Siblings: Tova and Noam

I'm a huge fan of nicknames and Orly is no exception. It works great on it's own but for me I prefer it as a nickname. If you're looking for full names for Orly there is Oriana, Orabella or Orlain.


  • Meaning: Gold Town 
  • Origin: French 
  • Siblings: Verna and Wilfred

I think of popcorn as soon as I hear the name Orville but I still love it a lot. It a vintage name for me and I feel like it would be cool to see Orville used more often. I'll let you guys be the judge and decide if you want to see little Orvilles running around.


  • Meaning: Wealth 
  • Origin: German 
  • Siblings: Leola and Amos

Otis is a very spunky name. It has a lot of associations like as a surname, a celebrity baby name, and even a Disney name. It works well for many different ages and nationalities. I have been seeing boy names ending in s gaining popularity and attention lately. Otis fits in with them.


  • Meaning: Wealth 
  • Origin: German 
  • Siblings: Elsa and Roscoe

Otto is almost identical to Otis but has a more boyish feel with eh O ending. It does make me think of a dog because I have seen dogs amend Otto but than again Bailey and Sam are used on dogs. I'd love to meet a little Otto.


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