Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Zelie and Louis


I thought this post would be great to make today seeing as I just uploaded my favorite saint names video. I had to be patient and wait a whole week to bring this to you but here it is. In my video I said that St. Therese is my favorite saint. She has a ton of meaning to me and I plan to name one of my daughters after her. 

Well I saw on the news last week that Pope Francis has made places to have her parents canonized, or made saints, in October! They will be the first married couple to be canonized together as husband and wife. I got so excited about that and even more excited when I saw their names, especially her mom's name. If you couldn't tell by the title of this post the names I have for you today are.......

Zelie and Louis 

Zelie is actually here nickname. Her full name is Azélie-Marie Guerin Martin. She was a famous lace maker, which sparked my mind and made me think that Lace/Lacey would be a cool name to honor her. 

Azélie is pronounced uh-ZAY-lee and there is little information on it. It could have a few meanings and origins. Those include:
  • Dry in English
  • Flower in Hebrew
  • French form of Azalea 
If I was going to pick one meaning and origin that I believed to be the most correct I would choice the French variant of Azalea. Blessed Zelie is from France and this name as elements of the French language. 

The name Zelie was also the name of Baron Dettmar Basse, the founder of the town Zelienople, which was named after his daughter. Her full name was Friedrike.  

Louis was a watchmaker who wanted to become a monk before he started making watches but was rejected because he did not speak Latin. 

As a name Louis is a French variant of Ludwig meaning famous war battle. My guess is the name is pronounced Loo-EE, which is the French way. 

Besides the Blessed Louis Martin, we also have a ton of kings named Louis from all different countries, a member of a boy band, athletes, a designer, and many, many more. The name is very diverse. 


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