Monday, July 13, 2015

Minnie The Nickname

Minnie is such a sweet nickname. It might seem very childish for an adult and that is why I am here to bring you some great names that have Minnie as a nickname option.

Wilhelmina: This is such a classical, old lady which name. I adore that you can have the nickname Minnie as well as Willa, Willie, and Mina.

Minerva: Minerva is so unique. Minnie is a common nickname for Minerva too. You works perfectly.

Minka: I think Minka is so cool to say. I really like when names have K's in them. It gives them a sharp sound.

Araminta: Araminta is a name loved by another namer, Kristen. I think this name is adorable and cool. Minnie is a great nickname and so is Minty.

Philomena: I use to have Philomena on my top 10 list. I still love it today just not as much. When it was on my list I had Minnie as the nickname.

Margaret: Margaret is at the top of my list of favorite classical names. I think Minnie gives it a cool, modern feel.

Cosmina: I have really been enjoying Cosmina a lot more recently. I think Minnie makes it even more lovable.

Adamina: I think Ad- names are cool and great. Adamina is so fresh on the ears. I was happy to find this one during my research.

Romina: I think Rom- names are cool just like Ad- names. Romy can be a nickname for Romina just like Minnie can.

I hope you found some new names for the wonderful nickname Minnie. If you have any suggestions on how to get to the nickname Minnie leave them below!

PSA: Things on this blog might be slow for a couple of weeks. I'm trying to find time to do other things besides baby names (blown, instagram, and youtube), so I am cutting into my blogging time. There has also been writers block going on as well.


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  1. My great-grandmother's name was Amelia, but we called her Grandma Minnie. I adore her full name and am considering using it someday, but will probably go with the nickname Mia over Minnie (just like the movie Princess Diaries, which I LOVE).



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