Friday, July 17, 2015

Instagram Name Spottings {Vol 2}

I did my very first Instagram name spotting last month and thought I would do a Vol 2 today. I am always on the lookout for new names and throughout the month I make a collection for you guys. Here are some of the cool names I've found.

Zuleykah Leilani: I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce this name but my guess would be zoo-lay-kah
Grey Delphine: A very modern first name paired with a classical middle
Alvah: This reminds me of Alvin and Ava.
Revelynne Hope: I've never heard of this name before but Rev is pretty cute.
Sauntina: Another name I'm not sure how to pronounce but it still looks very pretty.
Aviana Nayeli: Aviana is goregous and Nayeli is cool. I love both names together.

Ackley Raymond: Ackley is such an unique name. Fits well with other -lee names.
Ashford Drake: I really like this new spin on Asher.
Ransom Alan: Such a cool name! And brave parents too.

Laylah Angeleigh, Mylah Antoinette, and Bria Adaleigh: I noticed that this mom likes y's and leigh. I think the names fit nicely together.
Cherish Grace and Liam David (twins): The only reason this name is on the list is because of Cherish. It's so different!
Hayden Irene and Bennett Sidney (twins): Mom likes unisex names and classical names.
Brody Easton, Brixley Ella, and Brevyn Elliott (b): A set of siblings with some pretty different names. I wonder what they would name a mother baby?
Laikyn Cree (g) and Lennyn Kate: The names match nicely. I just wish they were spelled a little differently.
Ellerie (g) and twins Aven (g) and Asher: These are some pretty cool names. I like Ellerie and Aven together but I wish Asher was a little bit more unique.
Copelin (b), Wells Kai, and Seve (pronounced Sevy): A set of brother and these parents really know how to name them!
Sloane Emerson, Briggs and Rhodes Evelyn: I was able to find all there middle names except for the little boy :(


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