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My Top 10 Names: Girls {January 2016}

A few days ago I wrote a post about my top 10 boy names. This is so exciting for me because I haven't had a top 10 in a while and its all thanks to my friend Alexia Mae. She asked to feature my top 10 names on her instagram so of course I worked on finishing the list for her. Head over to her instagram to see the beautiful graphic she made, plus all of the fun and amazing names she features daily.

Maisie is a nickname for Margaret. When I first fell in love with the name I was stuck between the name Margaret with the nickname Maisie or just Maisie. I settled on Maisie because I just don't love Margaret as much. I think this name is very English sounding.

I am not sure when, where, or how I fell in love with the name. Faye is short and sweet. She would do great paired with a long middle one. I haven't found one I like very much. It means fairy in English.

Daphne always use to remind me of Scooby Doo, one of my favorite cartoons as a child. It means laurel in greek. My name is Lauren and means laurel as well. Daphne could be a connection to me. And no I didn't know this before I feel in love with the name.

Sally is the name of my grandmother. Well she was actually Sarah but went by Sally. I had never thought to use her name and had always had plans to use a form of Sarah in the middle name spot to honor her. Over time (and thanks to Alexia Mae's love for the name) I fell in love with the name Sally. Now I just can't get enough of the name.

I have a very special connect to the saint, St. Therese, and she uses roses to show that she heard you're prayers. I love the nickname Prim so much and I think Primrose is so whimsical and girly. It means first rose in Latin.

Margot is another diminutive/nickname of Margaret. I never realized how many nicknames for Margaret I liked until I made my top 10 list! Margot will always remind me of the movie Christmas Vacation.

Georgia is such a sweet, southern sounding name. It's a place name with a few nicknames, Gigi, Georgie, and Gia. This name has special meaning to me because my boyfriend and I met/started talking at a Florida Georgia Line concert.

Adelaide sounds so elegant and beautiful. I envision a princess with an adventurous side. My favorite part about the name is the nickname Lady. I am not a fan of the nickname Addie and was shied away from the name until I discovered the nickname Lady. Ada would also be a cute nickname.

I first heard the name Pippa after William and Kate got married and we were introduced to Kate Middleton's sister. My thought was how spunky and upbeat the name was. For a really long time I tried to find a name that I loved to use Pippa as a nickname but didn't find anything I liked. I finally settled on Pippa as her own. It doesn't sound like a nickname very much so I was happy.

Iris is a new name to my list. To be honest I never liked the name before recently but after hearing it over and over I really liked it. This is one of the few flower and I names I like. The name has an unique sound and doesn't end in an A or lee sound like a lot of girl names.

I hope everyone enjoyed learning what my favorite names were. Its so fun to explain why I have a love for a name even though often times there is no reason I love the names. Next up I am going to work on middle names for each of my top 10 girl and boy names.

I have a question for everyone. What would you like to see me blog about? I know I have fallen off the blogging train but I would like to start posting a few times a month if I can. If you have any ideas feel free to comment or email me!

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  1. A "full name" for Pippa could be Epiphany... we almost used it twice, but the children call their father "Papa".



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