Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Meagan's Winter Baby Name Game

A follower namer, Meagan, has made these fun seasonal baby name games in the past with questions that are focused around whatever season it is. I have always loved these and thought I would bring my answers over to the blog so that all my readers can play if you haven't seen Meagan's video. I will leave all of her links down below after the questions and answers.

1. Name a child boy/girl using December, January, or February as either their first or middle name. Add a first or middle name to go with the name you selected and a nickname if you like. 

February Thea "Febe"

2. Name siblings using the initials WI NT ER. You choose the sexes.
Whittaker Ichabod 
Nella Tempest 
Esmond Ryder 

3. Name boy-girl siblings. Each must have a winter themed first or middle name. (Meagan has some winter name suggestions in her video description) 
Eira Magnolia 
Atlas Snow 

4. What would you name boy/girl twins? Use the initials of those names and select new names for them.
I would name them Ford Sterling and Daphne Anneliese. 
The new names would be Forrester Sage and Delphina Adelaide 

5. Rename yourself using these rules:
Your New First Name:
You can select between the two names for the month you were born

January – January or Garland
February – Winter or Colden
March – Crimson or Frost
April – Scarlett or Rain
May – Snow or Evergreen
June- Star or Hail
July- Holly or Douglas
August – Dove or North
September- Ivy or Shepherd
October – Aspen or Birch
November – Lux or Yule
December – December or Garnet

Choose a middle name with the letter based on the day you were born:
1-5: R
6-10: S
11-15: I
16-20: H
21-25: K
26-31: T

Evergreen Iona

I love all of Meagan's baby name games! She has such great creativity and I think everyone should go over and check out her channel. I invite everyone to play along with this name game. 

Meagan (TulipByAnyName)'s links: 

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