Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Same Name, Two Directions {National Backward Day}

I always like to look at the fun and unique national holidays for each month. I like to draw inspiration for name posts and instagram pictures from them.  Today is National Backward Day and as soon as I found that out I had just the idea. I came up with a list of names that are popular or well know and, when spelled backwards, can be a new name.

Alex and Xela
Gem and Meg
Abbe and Ebba
Adela and Aleda
Ari and Ira
Aidan and Nadia
Allen and Nella
Ani and Ina
Ariel and Leira
Aven and Neva
Axel and Lexa
Halie and Eilah
Issac and Cassi
Mara and Aram
Miah and Haim
Miles and Selim
Nala and Alan
Nate and Etan
Noel and Leon
Nova and Avon
Zaid and Diaz

These names can be nice for a set of twins. I only included some of the names that I found. There are a lot more out there. Do you have a favorite set from this list? I think I really like Gem and Meg the best.

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