Monday, May 1, 2017

May Names

Happy first day of May! May is one of my favorite months because it is my birthday month. And in recent years it has been the month I am done school for the summer. This year I am graduating in May so thats extra exciting. In honor of the month I have May inspired names for you.

May: For the Month; English
Mae: Diminutive of Margaret (Pearl); English or Variant of May
Mei: Beautiful, Plum; Chinese
Mayla: Religious Gathering; Sanskrit
Maybelle/Maybella: Variant of Mabel 
Mabel: Lovable; English
Maeby: Diminutive of Mae; English 
Maeve: Intoxicating; Irish 
Maeva: Welcome; Tahitian
Maevy: Variant of Maeve; English
Maelle: Chief, Prince, Princess; French
Maelie: Princess; Breton
Maebyn/Mabyn: Youth; Welsh
Maisie: Diminutive of Maraud (Pearl); Scottish
Macy: Place in France; English 
Maize: Color Name, Connected to Corn 
Mamie: Diminutive of Margaret (Pearl); English 
Mavis: Songbird; French
Maven: One Who Understands; Hebrew
Maple: Tree Name; English
Maida: Maiden; English 
Maia/Maya: Water; Hebrew, Illusion; Sanskrit
Maite/Mayte: Lovable; Basque
Malin/Maylin: High Tower, Woman of Magdela; Scandinavian 
Mayra: Variant of Myra (Myrrh); Spanish 
Maewyn: Devoted Friend; Welsh
Maylea: Wild Flower: Hawaiian
Maegan: Pearl; English 
Esme/Esmae/Esmay: Esteemed, Loved; French
Ismay/Ismae: Esteemed; Beloved; English 
Wilmayra: Variant of Wilma (Resolute Protection); English 
Umay: Hope; Turkish
Salomae: Welcome Peace; Hebrew

Mason: Stoneworker; English
Maynard: Hardy, Brave, Strong; German 
Macon: Form of Mason; French
Mayer: Enlightened; Hebrew, High, Superior; German
Mayo: Yew Tree Plain; English (Irish place name)
Mayfield: From the Warrior's Field: English
Mayhew: Gift of Jehovah; Hebrew, Variant of Matthew
Maitland: Dweller at the Meadow; English
Abimael: My Father is God; Hebrew
Alimayu: In Honor of God; Ethiopian
Ishmael: God Will Hear; Hebrew
Timaeus: To Honor; Latin

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