Friday, July 28, 2017

Unisex Surnames

Unisex names and surnames are both trends that parents seem to be interested in lately. Quirky, cool, and laid back are just some adjectives that come to mind when I hear the names. They are perfect if you are looking for a name that doesn't scream girl or boy. A few of the names on this list are surnames of famous people who come to mind when heard. The people are often of importance.

Boys- 133 Babies 
Girls- 241 Babies 
The pilgrims to the Holy Land bring back palm leaves as proof of there journey thus making Palmer meaning palm trees. Its the surname of famous golfer Arnold Palmer and the fictional character Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks.

Boys- #882
Girls- #677
Sutton seems to fit perfectly with boy names simply because it is 2 syllables and ends in the -on sound. ABC Family had actress Sutton Foster in two of their shows, The Lying Game and Bunheads making the name suddenly appear usable for a girl.

Boys- 176 Babies 
Girls- 224 Babies 
An interesting fact about Campbell: it is the 7th most popular surname in Scotland. Maybe it isn't as usable over there but here in the United States I would stay it is. There was a time the name was greatly associated with the soup brand but now i think that is being pushed back farther and farther from people's minds.

Boys- #444
Girls- #716
Lennox is a lot more popular on boys than it is girls but I see the appeal for both. It has the X factor that gives it an edgy cool guy/girl feel. I was going to suggest Lennox as a variant to Lennon but Lennox is actually more popular.

Boys- #296 
Girls- #161 
Emerson appeals to parents for girls because of her Emm- beginning like Emily and Emma while not being too feminine. For boys it has a masculine feel with the -son ending and its not far behind the girls in popularity. Only 731 less boys were given the name in 2016

Boys- 128 Babies
Girls- #692 (416 Babies)
Monroe often times reminds people of Marilyn Monroe and could be why some parents pick the name for their daughters. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon chose the name for their daughter for just that reason. For boys the name may bring to mind the President and a patriotic feel.

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