Monday, July 31, 2017


I am at a complete lose when it comes to girl names. As of right now I have no top names or any names I love. Every name that was in my top 10 are names that I just like. A long time ago I had the opposite problem where I had no top boy names. In my quest for find names I love  I came across Waverly a name that has been on my mind lately. Like last week's name of the week, Arlo, I just had to research the name! 

Place Name and Pop Culture Influence 
Waverly can be found as a place name most famous for the Waverly Place in Greenwich Village in New York. The place was named after the 1814 novel, Waverley by Sir Walter Scott where the main Character was named Edmund Waverly. Many people believe Scott named the character after the brand of pen he was using to write it. 

Waverly isn't just a place name in New York. It is also the name of a historical tuberculous hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The hospital cared for tuberculous patients in the early 1900s when there was an outbreak of the disease. It functioned until 1961 when it was no longer needed and closed. 

Disney aired a show from 2007-2012 called The Wizards of Waverly Place about a family of wizards who had 3 kids all competing for sole custody of the family's magical powers. The show takes place in the Waverly Place in New York. Don Daper's bachelor in Mad Men also originates from the same place. 

If you are in The Princess Bride fan club then you probably already know that Buttercup and Wesley have a daughter named Waverly. I'd say thats a great name to feature in a fairy tale. Another character bearing the name is Waverly Jong from The Joy Club who was named by her Chinese mother after the street they lived on. Last but not least is Waverly Grady from Friday Night Lights, Smash's girlfriend. 

Summer, Beach, and Mermaid 
Waverley can be shortened to Wave. Waves are in the ocean and oceans have beaches and mermaids in them. Beaches remind people of summer and lets be honest who doesn't love a beautiful mermaid. My name friend Meagan made a great list of mermaid names and Waverly was one of them! Not only does Waverly have the wave part in it but its also whimsical and airy perfect for a summer baby. 

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  1. Oh my! You have just named my top names for my future son and daughter. Arlo and Waverly!



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