Monday, September 4, 2017


In recent weeks I have slowly been working on redoing my top 5 names. One of the names that is making a debut on that list of Jameson, a sweet southern name. 

Jameson is an English surname meaning son of James. Not only is this a great way to honor a James but is a nice alternative to James if you don't want to use the more popular name. 

In 2016, Jameson was ranked at #128 and that is up from the previous years. The first time it appeared on the top 1000 charts was back in 1969 at #952. Since its debut it has been climbing put he charts. I wouldn't be surprised if it jumps into the top 100 very soon. 

Some people may shy away from the name because of the Irish whiskey brand. I feel as if that shouldn't be the stopping factor of this amazing name. The company was started in 1810 by John Jameson and his son bearing the same name. 

Pop Culture 
If you are a fan of the Netflix original, The Ranch, you may know that one of the main character's name is Jameson Bennett. Well maybe you don't because he goes by Rooster. There is also a song by Zella Day called "Jameson" that I heard a little bit of and was kind of cool!

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