Saturday, August 26, 2017

Name Game Quiz

I am in a name group on Facebook and recently these types of name games have been going around. Now, I know I wasn't suppose to post anything for 2 weeks but since I already made this for the group I figured I would post it here as well. Who doesn't love a name game anyway?! This type of game is past and easy. You'll also see them on my instagram as well. 

DD1 First Name:
Favorite Nicholas Sparks Movie 
-- The Notebook: Cordelia, Violet, Wilhelmina 
-- The Last Song: Ruby, Thea, Madeline 
-- Dear John: Chloe, Gracyn, Penelope
-- The Longest Ride: Florence, Lila, Ellie 

DD1 Middle Name: 
Favorite Sport to Watch 
-- Baseball: Georgia, Ada, Gray
-- Hockey: Willa, Frances, Harriet 
-- Football: Ivy, Eva, Sloane 
-- Soccer: Adelaide, Quinn, Laura 

DS1 First Name:
Your Birthday Month
-- January-March: Rhett, Arlo, Jameson
-- April-June: Leo, Ransom, Knox
-- July-September: Carson, Evander, Garrison
-- October-December: Ryan, Patrick, Bentley 

DS1 Middle Name:
Which 90s Nick show do you like most?
-- Rugrats: Judah, George, Nathan 
-- All That: Oliver, Hanson, Samuel 
-- Cat Dog: Ansel, Eugene, Flynn 
-- Doug: Sterling, Harvey, Matthew 

DD2 First Name:
What's on your feet right now?
-- Socks: Luna, Hollis, Rosalind 
-- Shoes: Arabella, Stella, Zada
-- Barefoot: Ashley, Poppy, Ramona 
-- Socks and Shoes: Mila, Salem, Daphne 

DD2 Middle Name:
Favorite Netflix Original
-- Orange is the New Black: Gemma, Pearl, Beatrice 
-- 13 Reasons Why: Piper, Faye, Natalia
-- Stranger Things: Eleanor, Summer, Briar
-- Between: Avalon, Isla, Amity 

DS2 First Name:
Relationship Status:
-- Single: Jack, Abram, Theo
-- Married: Drew, Eli, William
-- Dating: Atlas, Dean, Matteo
-- Complicated: Benjamin, Miles, Uriah 

DS2 Middle Name: 
Pick a Dessert:
-- Cake: Orion, Rowan, Isaac 
-- Ice Cream: Linus, Willoughby, Kane
-- Brownie: York, Zachary, Titus
-- Pie: Jones, Holden, Peregrine 

My Answers:
DD1: Florence Gray
DS1: Ransom Judah
DD2: Poppy Avalon
DS1: Jack Willoughby 

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  1. Mine would have to be:
    DD1: Violet Ada
    DS1: Carson Oliver
    DD2: Ashley Eleanor
    DS2: Atlas Kane (Was going to go with Dean Kane, but then I remembered that's a celebrity, and while yes he is a good actor, I'm not a superfan! lol)

    1. I love these combos, especially Violet Ada! Thanks for playing along!

  2. Mine are:

    Cordelia Quinn
    Garrison Judah
    Salem Eleanor
    Theo Willoughby

    This was fun! Although it took me an embarrassingly amount of time figuring out how it worked hahaa.



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