Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Birth Announcements {September 2017}

The month of September was a little crazy if you couldn't tell from the lack of blog posts this month. Even though I haven't gotten many or really any posts up in the last few weeks I still wanted to do one of my favorite monthly featured, birth announcements from my instagram!

Hugo Wolf
Hugo: Heart, Mind, Spirit; Latin
Wolf:Wolf; English 

Aidan Luca
Aidan: Fire; Irish 
Luca: From Lucania; Italian and Romanian 

Roman Allen
Roman: A Roman; Latin 
Allen: Little Rock, Handsome; English 

Siennah Glory 
Siennah: Orange-Red; English
Glory: Glory; English 

Samira Croix
Samira: Companion in Evening Walk; Arabic and Wind, Air; Sanskrit 
Croix: Cross; French 

Ashlynn Rose
Ashlynn: Ash Tree Clearing Lake; English 
Rose: Fame, Kind, Sort, Type; German 

Charlea Lyn 
Charlea: Free Man; German 
Lyn: Lake; English

Callahan Grant and Georgia Margot
Callahan: Descendent of Ceallachan; Irish 
Grant: Great, Large; English and Scottish
Georgia: Farmer, Earthworker; Latin
Margot: Short Form of Margaret (Pearl); French 

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