Friday, September 4, 2020

2019 SSA Top 100

The top 100 list is always a line for people it is either too popular and just right. Personally I can't decide. Years ago I would have said that the list was too popular and never pick a name in the top 100 but now I say otherwise. Some of my favorite names are in the top 100. Of those names I have never or rarely hear kids with the names. That is something to take into consideration: How many babies do you know with the names in the top 100? 

To my surprise there were only 4 new to the top 100 names for each gender. Last year there were almost double that for girls. I feel like there wasn't as much moving and grooving overall to the list this year. 

All of the boy names that entered the top 100 do not surprise me. I have been waiting for Kai to enter the top 100 for a few years now. Its one of the names I always see around the naming community. Luca is a name that I can see the appeal of. It ends in an A and is very similar to the much more popular name Lucas. 

I am split on the new girl names to the top 100. I wouldn't have expected Peyton to enter the top 100. This name has been in the top 100 before and even ranked in the top 50 in the early 2010s. For that reason I would expect it to go down. Rylee has been hovering just outside the top 100 for a few years now. Parents see the appeal of the name for the unique yet girly spelling. It honestly surprises me that Arya is just now entering the top 100 even after all the years of the super popular Game of Thrones series. 

Because 8 new names entered the top 100 8 names had to leave the top 100. Here are the names that dropped off. The 2018 rank is first and the new 2019 rank is second.

Jason #100 --> #104
Sawyer #99 --> #106
Bryson #93 --> #102
Brayden #84 --> #101

Brielle #99 --> #101
Kaylee #97 --> #114
Arianna #95 --> #116
Alexa #90 --> #139

I am not surprised at the names that dropped off the list especially for Alexa. I think the name is going to keep dropping off the list due to the popular virtual assistant. I think the Brayden names are becoming less and less popular and the numbers show that for sure. When it comes to Sawyer I think the name will jump in and out of the top 100. 

Last year I did something new and I want to do it again this year. I am going to take a look at the names that had the biggest moves within the top 100. These are names that were already there but had a big jump.   

1. Miles (#75) +23
2. Ezekiel (#71) +16
3. Maverick (#58) +15
4. Jameson (#77) +14
5. Santiago (#69) +43

1. Isla (#57) +25
2. Eliana (#62) +21
3. Ivy (#68) +18
4. Valentina (#65), Emilia (#42) +16
5. Willow (#46) +14


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