Monday, October 2, 2017

Wells: The Nickname

W, a letter I never thought I would be obsessed with for names. Then again names that start with W or contain a W have a certain feel to them. Exotic, different, fun while still being familiar (at least most of the time). Since I try my very best to keep a variety of names on the blog a lot of the W names I adore have not been featured. Let's face it if I talked about all the names I love over here you'd be reading all about A and W names. One of the names I have not talked about much here is Wells, more specifically as a nickname. I took the time to compile a list of possible full names for Wells. 

Wellington- People Living in the Hamlet in the Cleared Area Near the Temple; English
Wellington is probably the first name that pops into your little head when some ask for a full name for Wells. I know it does for me! It's an English, posh sounding name.

Maxwell- Mack's Stream; English
The real inspiration behind this post is the name Maxwell. Well, nicknames for Maxwell. I had a follower on Instagram ask for nickname options that weren't Max. I think Wells is just a perfect option.

Rockwell- Rock Spring; English
Rockwell is perfect for the mountain, nature loving parent or the Norman Rockwell inspired illustrator.

Orwell- The Branch of the River; English
George Orwell is a famous author that many of you might think of. I am familiar with he name Orwell because one of my best friends, who is an english major, spent a lot of time reading his work.

Bramwell- Well Where the Grose Grows; English
Fun fact: Patrick Bramwell Bronte was the only brother in the Bronte family.

Hartwell- Well of Stags; English
Are there any Breaking Bad fans out there? I have not watched the show but heard it is really good. The main character is named Walter Hartwell White. How cool of a middle name?!

Howell- Eminent; Welsh
I have a little connection to this name. My freshman door was named Howell and its where I met my best friends and started my college journey.

Powell- Son of Howell; Welsh
I've really been mulling over Powell for some time now. From first grade until eight grade, I had a classmate with the last name. But I feel like there is more to the name. Once thought I came to was Powell could be a nice alternative or honoring name for a Paul.

Cromwell- Winding Stream; English
Its officially October, which means it is basically Halloween. Cromwell fits in with Halloween because it is the surname of Aggie Cromwell from Halloweentown.

Llewellyn- Lion, Welsh
There were two princes in medical Wales and is a patriotic name fro them. An animal lover could use this name without giving away their love.

Boswell- Well Near the Woods; English
There is a Saint Boswell but there is very little information on him it seems. This is one of those religious names that is not overly religious.

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