Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Nicknames {Reader's Digest}

On Valentine's Day weekend I went on a little getaway with my boyfriend to Honesdale, Pa, a little mountain town. We rented a little cottage filled with treasure that made my heart sing. All things that were just coincidences. One of those was a small stack of Reader's Digest magazines. My soul is old and I love a good Reader's Digest. While sitting and reading an edition from cover to cover I would the most amazing article! It was all about nicknames! Not only was it about names but it was about one of my "specialties".

The article came from the October 2019 editions and was called "What Happened to Great Nicknames?" by Andy Simmons. I found some great quotes and points and it even got me thinking. I loved it so much I had to pour my thoughts out into a blog post.

In the article they talked about how less and less people have nicknames now a days and why. Their thought is there are 20,000+ more names being used now than there had been in the 1950s. When there were less names it is more likely that a name is used in the same family, classroom, or neighbor multiple times forcing a nickname to be bestowed. Their thoughts are so eye opening and numbers don't lie. I have to add that I am noticing more parents looking for names without nicknames or just forgoing the formal name and using the nickname adding to the possible decline in nickname use. 

A nickname can come from love for a person. How many people do you know with funny, odd, unexpected nicknames? My great grandfather was nicknamed Moon because of his shiny, bald head. Ren is a nickname that came out of no where from a middle school friend partly from the show Even Steves. So if you mom or best friend gave you a funny nickname run with it! It all came from love.

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