Monday, March 30, 2020

2020 Celebrity Name Predictions

In the last few weeks I have seen a lot of celebrities announcing pregnancies and they have all inspired me to make another predictions post! Although I have done this before and resulted in no wins it was still fun. Below is just a handful of celebrities expecting. I went with ones I am nmost excited for.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth
Siblings: Gideon Martyn nad Annabell Elise
Gender: Girl
In 2019, Joy and Austin announced they were pregnant and then sadly lost their daughter at 22 weeks. In March of 2020 they announced they were expecting another daughter due in August. We saw a huge baby boom with Duggar grandbabies in 2019 and a lot of girls baring the names Gracie, Bella, and Addison. Some of the names I suggested for Annabell could work for this little girl. 
Girls: Lydia, Caroline, Emmeline, Amelia, Juliet, Phoebe

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner 
Siblings: None
Gender: Unknown
Joe and Sophie are a young, new couple making me think they will pick a fresh name. Add in the fact that Sophie is British I could see them picking names more common across the pond. 
Girls: Billie, Noa, Ember, Margot, Lola, Keeva
Boys: Arthur, Mac, Hugo, Finn, Albie, Arlo, Jax

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
Siblings: Flynn Christopher (previous relationship) 
Gender: Unknown
Katy Perry had an iconic pregnancy announcement in her music video this month. Her and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together. Bloom has a son from his relationship with Miranda Kerr named Flynn but I am not going to base my name suggestions off of that. Flynn just doesn't seem very Katy Perry. But these names do!
Girls: Primrose, Edie, Zadie, Ellexi, Olive, Fifi
Boys: Atlas, Fox, Alfie, Bodhi, Rex, Ridge, Slate

Beverley Mitchell and Michael Cameron 
Siblings: Kenzie Lynne and Hutton Michael 
Gender: Unknown
Beverley Mitchell from 7th Heaven is expecting her 3rd child after a miscarriage. With her first she picked a modern nickname and her second is a name new to me. I can see her picking an unique name that surprises us. Maybe even something modern sounding. 
Girls: Lainey, Lyra, Bailey, Zuri, Aspen, Ember
Boys: Colson, Saxon, Spencer, Mckay, Kyler, Renzo

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael
Siblings: None
Gender: Unknown
Amanda Bynes has been quiet in recent years on social media and even in the media in general. She announced her pregnancy and surprised people by doing so. This is one name prediction I have no idea what direction she will take. It could go common, vintage, unique, or edgy. 
Girls: Thea, Zinnia, Everly, Gracie, Quinn, Kaia, Beatrice
Boys: Zeke, Nash, Oliver, Milo, Jett, Samuel, Lucas, Daxton, Felix 

Tyler Hubbard and Hayley Stommel 
Siblings: Oliva "Liv" Rose and Luca Reed
Gender: Boy
Tyler Hubbard from the country duo Florida Georgia Line is expecting his 3rd baby, a boy! Their second was just born in the summer of 2019 making me surprised they are expecting again. The names they have picked are common familiar with a soft feel. I can see them going with a name containing an L. And a bonus name prediction: they stick with the R middle name. My suggestions include Robert, Rhett, River, Rhys, and Ryan. 
Boy: Micah, Kai, Levi, Milo, Henry, Liam

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