Monday, November 14, 2011

My 10 Favorite Boy Names Not In The Top 1000

Hey everyone it’s me again. I am going to tell you may top 10 boy names that are not in the top 1000. Let’s get started.
The first name on my list is Lachlan. Lachlan is a Scottish name that means from the lad of lakes. I think that Lachlan is such a cute name and it is also different. It is a very popular name in Australia (New South Wales), ranked at number 3. Some nicknames I have heard for Lachlan are Lachie/Lachy, Lock and Locky. I don’t care too much for any of those nicknames.

The next name on the list is Lysander. Lysander is a Greek name that means one who is freed. I think that Lysander is a manly name. I also think that it goes good with many names as a middle name. When I hear the name Lysander I think of a man that is handsome, seductive and talented. Some nicknames you could use are Lee, Sander/Zander and Andy.

After Lysander we have Flynn. Flynn is an Irish name that means descendent of the red-haired man. Flynn is a short and cute name. You could use it in place of the name Finn because Finn is kind of popular. The first time I started to really pay attention to the name was when I saw the movie Tangled. In the movie the prince’s name is Flynn. There are not really any nicknames you could use because it is such a short name.

The fourth name on the list is Hanson. Hanson is an English name that means son of Han. This would be a great name to use if the father’s name is Han. Hanson kind of goes along with the trended of the –son names. You could call him Han or Hans if you want. Hanson is another name that I think is very manly and strong. There is one problem I have with it and that is that when I hear it I kind of think of dogs.

The next name on the list is Maxton. Maxton is an English name that means from Maccus’ Town. Maxton is a good name to use if you like the name Max but don’t want to use it on its own or if you like the name Max as a nickname for Maxwell but don’t want to use Maxwell. The main nickname for Maxton is Max. I think that Maxton is a different and unique name that isn’t too out there.

Evander is the next name on the list. Evander is a Greek name that means god man. I think that Evander is a strong name to use for a boy. I like that it ends in –er and that isn’t too out there but is also not to popular. I feel that if more people hear this name they would like it and it would become trendy. Some nicknames that you could use are Evan, Andy, Van, Ender, or Ander.

The seventh name on the list is Leander. Leander is a Greek name that means lion man. It is another name that I like that is both Greek and ends in –er.  I think that it has similar aspects as some of the popular names. Some nicknames that you could use are Lee, Andy, Ander, or Lean.

Egan is next and is an Irish name. It means little fire. A popular name that is similar to Egan is Aiden. Aiden is an Irish name that means little fire too. If you like Aiden I think that you would like Egan. Egan is a short and sweet name that you could use as either a first or middle name. There are not too many nicknames for Egan because it is so short.

The ninth name on the list is Ambrose. Ambrose is yet another Greek name that means immortal. Not many people like this name. They may think that it is too out there for their liking. At first I did not like Ambrose but then the more I heard the name the more I started to like it.  Some nicknames that you could use are Ammy, Brose, Bro, Brody Bobby or Bo.

The last name on the list is Macon. Macon is a French name that means mason. A mason is builder or worker of stone. Macon is a GREAT alternative to the name Mason which is on the popular side. I first heard this name in one of Sarah Dessen’s books and fell in love. A nickname that you could use is Mac.

So there is my list of my top 10 favorite names that are not in the top 1000. I hope you liked it because I sure did enjoy making this list. Stay tuned for more list on great baby names. 

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  1. Egan and Evander are two of my favorite baby names. Right on.

  2. I'm so glad that someone else likes those names. I think that they are so cute and boyish.

  3. I like Ambrose and Flynn. The name Lachlan is really popular in Australia.

  4. @Lou @ Mer de Noms

    I don't meet many people who like Ambrose and Flynn is just such a perfect name. Lachlan is a great name and i wish it was just a tiny bit more popular in the US.



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