Thursday, November 24, 2011

Italian Names

Here is just a quick list of my top 10 Italian names for girls and boys and their meanings.
1. Carabella- Pretty face
2. Giada- Jade
3. Elia- Form of Elijah
4. Katarina- pure
5. Leona- Lion
6. Roma- from Rome
7. Verona- Truth
8. Briella- God is my strength
9. Elettra- Shinning Bright
10. Vitalia- Full of Life

1. Benito- Diminutive Form Of Benedict
2.  Giuseppe- He Shall Add
3. Leonardo- Lion Man
4. Lucan- Light
5. Marcello- Hammer
6. Matteo- Gift of God
7. Salvatore- Savior
8. Tiernan- From the Tiber river
9. Armondo- Army man
10. Nico- The victory of the people

There is my list I hope you like it, bye.

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